Your Pet Doesn’t Care. And that’s what makes them so adorable.

As people, we go through our lives, dancing from one worry to another. We fear losing our jobs or that our partner will leave us. And we worry that we’re never going to get what we want out of life. 

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As the years go by, we get this gnawing sense that we’ve somehow failed. With youthful exuberance in the rear-view mirror, there’s a grinding existential dread that grows within us. We wonder what it’s all about!

Dogs, though, don’t seem to mind. They’re not concerned about producing a report by the next deadline or raising trauma-free kids. And they don’t pay any attention to the latest stories on the news. Their concerns are far more down to Earth. Will you take them out for walkies this morning? And will they get their morning meal? 

The fact that dogs don’t seem to care about anything is one of the things that makes them so appealing to us. Just watching them go about their business is one of life’s simple joys. 

Unlike us, they’re not living in the past or the future. They’re not up all night worrying about their pension fund or childhood mistakes. Instead, they’re taking it one day at a time and living life to the full. If they feel good, they immediately take advantage of that fact. Playfulness is in their nature. I wish I could be more like my dog! 


Dogs always love you

There’s another reason dogs are so appealing, even though they don’t seem to care about anything. It’s the fact that they love you no matter how badly your day has gone or how awful you look. They expect nothing from you, other than putting food in their bowl and occasionally letting them sit on the couch. 

They’re always happy to see you when you walk through the door. And they somehow remind you that even though you have pressures, there are creatures out there who really do not have a care in the world. 


You Never Have To Perform

Dogs never ask you to perform or meet some standard. All they ask is that you provide them with delicious food, something that brands like Burgess Pet Food are helping to make easier. So long as you cater to their basic needs, they’ll never ask anything of you. And even if you neglect them, they’re still adoring. It’s like they don’t know when to give up. 

Never having to perform gives people the kind of unconditional love they received from their parents when they were young. As a child, you were free to have tantrums, knowing that you would be looked after, no matter what. 

The same doesn’t apply in regular life. Your human relationships are conditional. You have to behave yourself. Dogs, though, don’t foist the complexities of regular interactions on you. So they don’t trigger you. They’re entirely predictable in many ways. And that’s what makes them so unique. You always know where you stand and never have to second guess. You know intrinsically that they’re not having bad thoughts about you or your character. 


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