Wot So Funee? 6

Wot So Funee?

Toilet Humour. We love it! There is nothing funnier than a fart, and to prove it several toys have been manufactured in the name of good old-fashioned toilet fun. My brother won a prime example in a game at my birthday party last week. Here it is in action:

Yes, we are sad and pathetic, but I bet you laughed too, didn’t you! Slightly different take on the #funee theme today and next week we will be back to talking about how clever I am again, but we just couldn’t resist this! What clever and funee things are your children doing this week?

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17 thoughts on “Wot So Funee? 6”

  1. Thanks for the whooppee cushion we won…we’re getting some interesting noises when it’s supposed to be bedtime and quiet…!

  2. We love potty humour too! For the past couple of years- we’ve always put whoopie cushions in my 5 year old’s party bags. It’s essential:-) Also Santa tends to bring good quality whoopie cushions every year- one year he had a “self-inflating” one- which was GREAT-you know- with lergies and loads of kids round- normal ones get pretty gross! Happy Farting:-)

  3. Brilliant! There is nothing wrong with a bit of toilet humour! My boys had one like that for Xmas last year and it is the best thing they had- they love it!

  4. Well I’ve added a linky for you about building accommodation for imaginary Cheetahs! I think we built a loo – amongst all the other stuff!

  5. ha! *brrrrrrrrrrpppPPPP*

    we love farting in this house – or as we refer to it around Queen Scamp and Ozzy ‘smellys’!

    Will work on my weekly #funee tonight and get it up and linked in the morning, apologies for being a lax mo fo


  6. I’m sorry, I don’t find these noises funny yet at all. Maybe I’m just going to be too serious. In fact, when Daddy makes them, it’s so loud I tend to cry!

  7. You can’t go wrong with toilet humour can you? Very funny. I’ve linked up this week’s funee on the linky above too.

  8. My boys always had whoopee cushions for Christmas!They used to be broke by Boxing day due to over enthusiastic jumping on them! As in jumping off settees & even bunk beds!
    Great video again, you getting film starish 🙂

    • Jess I can’t comment on your blog again – blogger won’t let me 🙁 And I’ve forgotten your twitter id so cant tweet you. I love having you here and I love your blog – honest, I’m not ignoring you. Thanks for your link up


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