There are so many this week I can hardly choose, so I’ll make it brief and list the ones that come into my mind first:

1. My Birthday:

That’s just about the most cheerful I can possibly get! In fact I was so cheerful that I forgot to have a tantrum for the whole day! The same cannot be said for the Bug, who whined all day that he just wanted one more present…..!

2. Craft:

To keep me busy!

My friends all bought me craft for my birthday. I love this kind of thing! And the really great thing is that I am now old enough to do most of it on my own. Without help from Mummy. Which means she is more cheerful too. It also means that she can occupy the Bug with Lego Star Wars or whatever it is that they do together. And that means that I don’t get Bugged whilst I’m trying to make friendship bracelets!

3. Glass Pebbles:

I get one of these most mornings as a reward for going straight to sleep rather than ‘torch-reading’ when I go to bed. (You can read about my late night antics here). When I have collected 7 as I did today, I get a new book. Silly Mummy hasn’t realised that this makes it doubly difficult to earn a pebble the next morning – the temptation is immense!

 4. Daddy’s iPad:

Mummy and Daddy had a huge argument last weekend. Really big. Huge! Daddy spent 2 hours on the iPad whilst he was supposed to be having something called quality time with us. Apparently he was tweeting – how can anyone do that for 2 hours non-stop? 😉 Well, the next day, suitably chastised, he went to completely the opposite end of the spectrum! He started making a Death Star for the Bug, out of a cardboard box! He doesn’t do things by halves our Dad!

It is still cluttering up the kitchen, half-finished, so I wonder how long it will be before Mummy’s delight turns to nagging again!


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