Trains? Planes? Automobiles? His first Demolition Derby…

He really didn’t want to go. Under pressure he picked a favourite caravan. He cried when it was the first to get smashed up by the other cars on the track. It was raining. He didn’t see the point. But his Daddy loves stock cars. Here’s how he coped with his first Demolition Derby…

"first demolition derby"

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16 thoughts on “Trains? Planes? Automobiles? His first Demolition Derby…”

  1. Awww, he clearly enjoyed himself in end if the last photo is anything to go by. Looks like a fun day out, mainly because I remember spending many rainy days standing by a race track on days out when I was kid, and it was always fun even when it was cold. X

  2. Aha, initiation into the male world of car racing! We’re going to Silverstone on Sunday so I’m sure that The Boy’s obsession will start now.

  3. He looks happy. I think you have a convert. I’m sure its fun if your driving but I don’t get stock car racing. Is it like dodgems? except you knock them all off?

    • I have to say I didn’t get it either but hubs was adamant I go with him at least once. One trip and I was hooked. The noise, the sheer hilarity of seeing all these cars trying to smash each other up – stuff you’re not allowed to do in real life! That and the opportunities for people-watching in a very snooty way – never seen so much flesh hanging out of strappy vest tops!

  4. So cute! He’s definitely a convert. It’s like when I relent and give Baby a taste of ice cream: so distrusting at first and then it’s like, “Yes, pleeeeaaase!” Thank you for adding to the linky. Jx


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