For the first time I am joining in Listography at Kate Takes 5. Kate has asked for our top 5 bands to see at a gig. So to Kate, and to Mummy and all her friends, who like to think they are grown up and serious: ‘I am sorry’. But let me tell you, you do not have the monopoly on knowing who all the cool bands are. So here is my list:

  1. Miley Cyrus – like, duh, even my Dad wants to see her!
  2. Lady GaGa – she has the most amazing costumes, and I really need to check why she wants to marry the night – it just doesn’t make any sense. Did she even go to school?
  3. Jessie J – I have figured out this like, really cool dance routine to Price Tag, and I reckon if I can get close enough to the stage I might be talent-spotted for the dance troupe.
  4. Rock Choir – if I can just get my hands on those ladies I’m sure my Price Tag routine could be adapted  to suit their style.
  5. Lily Allen (sadly about as likely as that bloke called El Fizz or somthing that Mummy and her friends go on about) – she is awesome, and there are some lyrics from her songs that I haven’t quite nailed yet because Mummy keeps jolting the CD player and losing our place.

Now, as for Queen, Take That, U2, Shed 7 and the Beatles, they’re so last year Mummy. I mean, is there anyone in the whole world apart from you who hasn’t seen Take That?


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