Tooth Fairy Misadventures (part 1)

In addition to this blog, I am writing a nightly journal. My first entry attempts to encapsulate the first 6 years of my life succinctly, so that I can move on to the cataloguing of  present-day events. As you will see below, a certain mythical friend has taken on a significance of epic proportions in my opening statement

The Tooth Fairy (or T.F. as she is known in our household) has become something of an infatuation recently. She has made 2 visits to our house this week already, and I am currently working hard on securing another nocturnal stopover from her. I wrote her a beautiful note to accompany my first dental gift, and I am sure she will be back for more. I am getting very little sleep at the bed-time end of the night, such is the compulsion to wobble the most likely candidate for extraction. Equally, the first hint of light peering around the edges of the blackout blind has me wide-awake checking that  I didn’t miss the event whilst I was asleep. Consequently I am getting into a bit of bother with Mummy for the bad temper which has me increasingly in its grip. I am smug; she only has herself to blame. T.F. wrote me such a lovely reply to the note that I am prepared to go to any lengths to maintain this new pen-pal friendship! Mummy, let battle commence

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    • Wouldn’t it just be brilliant if we could all measure the success of our lives by how many teeth we have lost?! I would be doing super-well! 😉


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