Tooth Fairy Misadventure (part 2): Wot so Funee?

Wot So Funee? I lost a couple of teeth this week. I’d forgotten about the Tooth Fairy, and her nocturnal burglaries, it’s been that long since we’ve had cause to communicate. There was a time when the Tooth Fairy rocked my entire world, but since Jasmine told me in the back of the car one day that it’s all a myth, and our parents are liars, I’d kind of put her out of my mind.

But a tooth became wobbly at school and I secured that bloody tissue I’d often envied friends for in the past. So I gave it a go and duly secreted it in my jewelled camel ready for handover at 2300 hours. It went well, and the exchange was made in a timely fashion, so when a second tooth fell sudden victim to a green bean later in the week, I felt confident that the flutter of tiny wings would not disappoint.

How wrong I was…

2014-01-14 Tooth Fairy 002

To be fair, I had promised to make the Tooth Fairy a dress years back, and never got round to it, so perhaps this was her way of making a point. Spiteful little sprite! Never one to give up though, I left my tooth out again the following night. This time she remembered to turn up, and made a fair stab at a decent apology.

A guilty Tooth Fairy attempts some damage limitation. But forgets for the second night running...

She must have been low on change after such a huge night out though, because there was no financial recompense. I looked everywhere. I’m guessing she nipped out to the cashpoint while I was at school, because that coin was waiting on my return home. I wouldn’t mind betting that the Tooth Fairy flew on caffeine that evening!

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23 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy Misadventure (part 2): Wot so Funee?”

  1. Our tooth fairy often takes days to arrive and a big letter outside the children’s door just so see doesn’t forget or find herself too busy!

  2. Wow, she had to go all the way to Scotland?! I always imagined there were several regional fairies. I think we’ve had a change of personnel in recent years because she never forgot when the kids were younger, but she forgets quite a lot these days.

  3. I couldn’t stop laughing at this. Hilarious. Thanks for sharing. I fear our toothfairy might get a bit busy when it’s time to come to this house too! lmao. 🙂 Thanks for hosting.

  4. One of mine lost a tooth yesterday, they felt the need to wake me at 5am to tell me the toothfairy had been. I remember when I was a child I tried to brush my fallen out tooth to make it extra sparkly but I dropped it down the plug hole! I made a new tooth out of rolled up paper and cellotape complete with a dab of red felt tip for a bit of blood. I got my money, result. Years later I learned the tooth fairy knew it was a fake but gave me money for ingenuity. 🙂

  5. Loved the story. It will be a few years before she come to our place, we’re still waiting for our baby girl’s first tooth to cut through.

  6. Oooh thats quite a cool tooth fairy dishing out chocolate even though she’s a bit forgetful. Do you think she might be related to Dory the fish?

  7. Heh heh! The tooth fairy forgot Kittys penny a few weeks ago but luckily mummy asked Kitty to open the curtains, worked some magic and then low and behold ‘Kitty what is this under your pillow?! You didn’t look properly you silly sausage!’
    She bought it. Next time the fairy needs to be on the ball in this house!!!!

  8. We’ve not really had the tooth fairy in our house yet, with the exception of Tyler knocking his tooth out when he was younger. Lucas is desperate to loose a tooth as he’s 7. Hopefully with us living in Scotland she won’t be too late. x


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