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Wot So Funee?I was having a chat with Mummy the other day about school in the olden days. She laughed when I asked her if they had school when she was young and if she went. I thought it was a pretty reasonable question given how little she knows about the things they teach in school. I am 7 and I already know more than her. This is a synopsis of several post-schoolday interactions we have had over the last few weeks:

  • Mummy: What did you learn today?
  • GG: Oh just Symbolism in Hindu worship….
  • GG: I was sad today because I didn’t get a go with the camera
  • M: Oh, are you learning to take photos?
  • GG: No! *eyeroll* We’re learning to capture a digital image….
  • GG: Today I wrote a story using Hands connectives.
  • M: What are they?
  • GG: You know, HANDS – However, Although, Nevertheless, Despite, and Subsequently, obviously!
  • M: Did you have P.E. today?
  • GG: Yes, we learned about making facial gestures.
  • M: Oh, do you mean acting?
  • GG: Mummy, today we made a portrait of our teacher in the Cubist style – Picasso was one. Next week we’re doing Pointilism – I love it!
  • M: ??
  • GG: Mummy, do you know the difference between digital and non-digital text?
  • M: Well no, obviously I know nothing. Did I even go to school?
  • GG: Probably not, they didn’t have hyperlinks in the olden days, did they?

Did you say anything your parents found amusing this week? If so, are they as old as mine, and therefore educationally challenged? Let me know if they laugh at your success and I’ll be round to have a word. Or several…

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23 thoughts on “The Things They Teach in School These Days! Wot So Funee”

  1. oh that sounds familiar! 6yo gets very frustrated with me when I don’t understand what she’s on about – thinks like you know the famous artist that drew flowers in the edwardian times – errr no – not a clue – google is a wonderful thing though and google and I can usually work it out!!

  2. Oh my goodness! What school are you going to that you’re learning all that stuff?! I’m with your mum, I would surely be shaking my head in puzzlement if my children had those conversations with me. You must be very clever.

  3. Wow, wow and wow! I have one the other way around from the infamous H of Australia:

    “Mum, today we learned tropical letters!”

  4. Mummy was very confused when I told her about split digraphs (she has no idea how to spell that or indeed what they are) and the Cheetah Keeper has been building mosques out of cardboard boxes that won’t stand up. Obviously.

    • Good poing Nikki, they do get me in from time to time for Maths training so I can understand what she’s talking about! I wonder what they think of the parents!!

  5. Wowsers, I think I need a refresher course before my daughter starts school next year. And I’m a teacher! You must be top of the class 😉 xx

    • I’m quite glad that she’s being taught these things really, but it does make me wonder what on earth she’ll be learning in year 7!

  6. Mummy’s feeling really old and out of touch now. She didn’t do that sort of stuff at school either, in the olden days.

  7. Haha I love it! That’s pretty much how my conversations with the 7yo go as well! She is although, a lot more rude, and will spend most of the day then calling me an idiot, or stupid. I’m looking forward to when she’s older and forgotten all that she’s learnt!

  8. Wow, I have a lot to learn. Does GG offer private tuition? I need to appear knowledgable by the time mine start school.

  9. Hilarious and absolutely spot on! In fact I think I had this very same conversation with my 8 year old daughter just today. I find myself having to remind my girl that I spent 10 years at university and I do know my times tables!! Nevertheless (ha!) one of the reasons I force myself to keep up to date with technology is so that my primary school children can’t get the better of me…..I think, However (!) I am wasting my time and it’s doomed to fail….my kids will always think they are better than me…and I suppose this is what I want…for my children to be smarter, wiser and perhaps better than me too!!

    • Thank you for that lovely comment! Despite my daughter’s academic prowess she has subsequently talked complete rubbish over the breakfast table. It was quite irritating, although her brother certainly enjoyed it.
      There! Think we covered all the HANDS connectives between us – clever us!

  10. Ha ha! My mind boggles that I ever made it alive through school. All I remember at that age was practising my joined up handwriting for hours on end! And we need to see that cubist painting!


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