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This week’s Gallery theme from Sticky Fingers is Home. I thought very hard whilst I was at school about what home meant to me. I thought about Mummy and Daddy and the Bug, but they are camera-shy. I thought about our house, but it’s a bit dull and ordinary. I thought about my bedroom, with all it’s pink fluffy stuff. I even thought about being a bit metamorphical and posting a picture of my best friends. When I got home from school I did what I always do. Then I knew what home means to me:


24 thoughts on “The Photo Gallery: Home”

  1. What a lovely girly bookshelf. Fantastic to see a love of books in kids – nothing like relaxing at home escaping into the magical world of a book :).

    • Sabrina, I tried to comment on your blog but Blogger is wiping out my comments – lovely post about the music, GG is going to her first ever orchestral concert next month – I am a bit nervous in case she doesn’t like it, but I will.
      I will keep trying to comment, not ignoring you. Thanks for coming over here today 🙂

  2. I love that bookshelf!! I think it’s possibly the best and most fun bookcase I’ve ever seen. What a lucky girl to have so many books. And to enjoy reading so much that half way up the stairs seems a good place to stop for a little read. x

    • She was actually there for about an hour and a half Lucy – she is book-obsessed. And that bookshelf? It’s on the landing outside her room – it used to be in her room, but it had to be removed for the sake of sleep 😉

  3. Ah we do lots of reading in this home too but right now it’s me reading to them, can’t wait to see them curl up and enjoy a book like your little lovely there

  4. My stairs usually have things placed for me to fall over – thankfully not people!

    Reading is a big thing in our house and we have a room that is literally wall to wall books. PErhaps I’ll post for my gallery submission. Maybe!


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