By GG, aged 9.

My favourite way to spend a sunny day outside is on school camp. It’s actually GG here. I haven’t written for quite a long time. That’s because Bug has been hogging the computer to play Skylanders. (I don’t even know what Skylanders are so don’t ask me).I went away on a school trip to Belchamps, the most amazing scout camp in the world a few weeks ago. I bet you want to find out some more about it now. What? You don’t? Well I’m sorry but you have to.

When I went on my school trip to Belchamps I was packed for it 2 weeks before we went. (I was, seriously). When we got on the coach some boys were mucking around throwing paper planes around the coach. Honestly boys are sooo immature. I, being a sensible, sane person read my book. When we pulled up next to Belchamps all the silly hysterical girls screamed. I kept quiet. We got told which rooms to go to and we got out our sleeping bags.

Our first activity was water zorbing. This is where you get in a huge plastic ball on water and try not to fall in. I heard some one did but I think it was a rumor.

We went to the shop next. One of my roomates bought a bumper pack of Tangfastics and ate them all before bedtime. Well, that was a night! We also had a campfire. We toasted marshmallows and sang songs around the campfire.

The next day we had bungee run as our first activity. Bungee run is giant inflatable running lanes and you get attached to a stretchy rope at the back. You then have to run and place a piece of coloured velcro on the sticky strip down the middle. The person whose coloured velcro is the furthest at the end wins. I won against several boys. Girls rule!

Then we had to go and pack. Nobody could find anything and my toothbrush kept turning up in other peoples suitcases. The trip home was just as bad as on the way there. You had the boys being nutters and you had girls screaming. Finally the school came into view. I breathed a sigh of relief. Home,home,home!

*Note from Helen: whilst I sometimes write in the voice of my daughter, this is all her own work. You can tell from the couple of grammatical errors that are screaming at me to correct. But I am resisting. *Sits on fingers.* 



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