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I pester a lot. I try not to, I try to be grateful for what I have, but there’s just so much delicious stuff out there that it’s really difficult to pretend I don’t want it. So when Mummy asked me to stop and think about what I am grateful for I had to mentally change tack. Mummy tried to get me started by telling me what matters to her, but that was too predictable for me: me and the Bug, Daddy, health, a nice house, etc.

Actually, once I got going it wasn’t tricky to reel off an entire list of things I couldn’t live without: TV, theme parks, Haribo, the Ipad, fish-fingers, birthday presents, Lelli Kellies, the list goes on. Then Mummy told me about 2 of her blog contemporaries who are trying to help children over the world who don’t even know what those things are. Josie, at Sleep is for the Weak is raising awareness of Save the Children’s campaign to vaccinate children the world over against preventable diseases.

Where I get old because I stay healthy

I have asthma, so every year I get dragged down to the GP where a really mean lady sticks a needle in my arm and offers me a paltry smartie in return. I am really ungrateful about that (surely the whole pack wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for the NHS?), but it means that when I get ill, I get better. Apparently 8 million other kids who don’t get the needle die. So I have risen to Josie’s challenge and drawn a picture of myself in the future – the key point here is that I live long enough to get old.

Tara at Sticky Fingers writes on the same theme this week, urging us to sign the petition asking world leaders to fund a vaccination programme for these children. She also asks us to take a picture for her weekly Gallery post, one which illustrates what we most value in our lives. It was difficult narrowing it down, but when push comes to shove my needs are pretty simple: my bed, my bedtime bear, books. And maybe the odd bit of Haribo to sweeten the journey.

If you are a blogger and can find a moment to write your own post and get your child to craft or draw a picture of themselves in the future, then link it to the bloghop at Sleep is for the Weak and tag 8 more bloggers to do the same.                                                                               

Pass it on – I tag:

Toddling into Madness Yorkshire Mum at Large Ameyjessica84 I heart Motherhood Grenglish Lunchbox World Claire Justine oxox PR Mummy

Or if you have a great photo you think illustrates what you are grateful for take up the Sticky Fingers Gallery challenge on Wednesday 1 June. Either way, sign the petition to help stop kids dying. And if there’s a way to add a comment to the page, maybe you could mention to the world leaders that smarties go a long way towards making needles an even better thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now that I’m done I just got tagged by Celebratingmums to write this post. Gosh I’m efficient!

13 thoughts on “#PassitOn – I’m Grateful For…”

  1. Oh wow, you did a wonderful picture. Love the little house and garden. And you know, I don’t think I have ever seen your blog before – so sorry! It is LOVELY! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck with the asthma and keep on writing ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again for supporting this amazing cause and joining in the meme and blog hop. Much appreciated!


    • Thank you Maggy yes you did get spammed, sorry about that and thanks for the comment. Fab cause and brilliant bloghop – I tagged lots of new bloggers so lots more people in the mix now!

  2. Hi hun,
    I found you via the Brit Mums new to blogging section, am now following you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been blogging a few months but just moved to a new site www.mummydaddyandmemakesthree.co.uk Looking forward to reading more of your blog! x

    • Hi Katie, thanks for the follow. Just checked and I am on your Google friend connect – thought I recognised you from somewhere! Isn’t Britmums great?x

  3. Hi,sorry it’s taken a few day’s to reply with the kids off school and fitting blogs in (had to get an important one finished for tomorrow)i’m now free until dinner time lol,it’s been a mad weekend,anyway Thank you for adding me into your post (great post btw) and i do this post next ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love the angle, through the eyes of a little one! Found you via the gallery and I am so pleased. Following you now. A lovely post. x

    • Thank you so much. Just been over to yours and signed up too! I’m very new so am constantly finding new blogs to like. So glad you like mine x

  5. Hello there. Love the picture of you getting old. That’s great that you are thinking of other children around the world who are not as lucky as you are and aren’t able to get vaccinated – even though it is really painful! Thanks for highlighting Save the Children’s campaign. Check out Mr Vaccine at @MrVaccine. He’s travelling around Mozambique at the moment. Best wishes, Louise, www.savethechildren.org.uk

  6. found you from the gallery linky too, my eldest has asthma I am so grateful we have the medicine available to help
    beautiful drawing

  7. Hi Sarah, thanks. Yes we have a lot to be grateful for. Our worries are nothing compared to many others. Couldn’t find your blog from your link, hope it’s back soon.


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