Wot So Funee?Apparently I talk a lot. That’s what loquacious means, you know, so for those who want to complain about the chatter, I’d just like to point out that using words like that on MY blog is kind of self-perptuating. Duh! 🙄 Perhaps Mummy, you should have chosen a different strap-line; maybe something along the lines of “The Diary of an Introspective Schoolgirl.” That might possibly have governed the outcome of my developing personality. Or maybe not…

Anyway, I do sometimes get it in the neck for wittering on. Apparently I’m not allowing my brother to get a word in. Allegedly I don’t draw breath for long enough to actually hear Mummy telling me to do my piano practice/brush my teeth/clear my plate/go to sleep. She has failed to notice that there is a strategic pattern here on my behalf. I would point out her oversight, but I can’t get her to stop talking for long enough to listen…

Anyway, in an attempt to a peas (not sure why grown-ups talk about vegetables when they could just as easily say “mollify”) my family I have – on occasion – stilled my tongue this week. But only for long enough to write them a note instead:

Passing notes

To Daddy (who spent 3 hours refreshing the ticketmaster site for One Direction tickets):

"Passing notes to Daddy"

To Mummy (who has the coolest Mini Cooper soft top car ever. And didn’t grumble when Daddy spent £££*@?! on One Direction tickets.):

"Passing notes to Mummy"

To the Bug (who I actually quite like. Sometimes):

"Passing notes to my brother"

To me (because I wanted a piece of the love):

"Passing notes to myself!"

And one from the Bug:

"Passing notes to Mummy"

Finally, the Bug and I have been writing in code. Again, this is a declaration of my love for my brother. However, it’s in code, so no-one needs to know 😉

"Passing notes to the Skylanders"

You can say hundreds of things without speaking, can’t you?!

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