Do I need glasses Mummy?

Glasses are so cool, don’t you think? My friend has been wearing a pair at school for a couple of years now, and I’ve been coveting them. I’ve been begging Mummy to take me for an eye test, but she hasn’t obliged. Until recently. What is it about your siblings that makes them more convincing than you, I wonder? I’ve been trying on glasses in Claire’s Accessories for months now, without a whisper of an appointment at the opticians, but the minute my brother says his eyes go blurry when he reads, we’re off to Specsavers!

Mummy is also as blind as a bat, having kicked off with migraines at the age of 19, and a confirmed specs wearer ever since. So she decided to take advantage of the Mummy and Children session at Specsavers. She was nervous about the Bug’s potential reaction to the optician; he is occasionally shy, and frequently a bit ‘grumpy old man,’ so it could have gone either way.

In the event, his sight only took about 10 minutes, during which he was asked to recognise numbers within coloured dots (colour perception tests), and to pick out 3D shapes, as well as a more traditional test on what letters he could see at what distance. He got quite engrossed in it, and seemed to be having fun. Then it was my turn: had I not been a competitive type, I may have tried to fudge the test, but hey, I like to do my best.

Mummy was up next, and in sole charge of the iPhone, I couldn’t help myself:

"Having a sight test"

I sent it out on Instagram. Quick on the uptake, she swiftly paid me back:

"Do I need glasses?"Do I need glasses? The verdict:

Would you believe it?! The latest fashion accessory, and I don’t qualify! I have better than 20:20 vision, apparently! My brother, the lucky thing, has a slight long-sightedeness, and so he qualifies for free glasses. Mummy says that in her day, this would have meant bottle-ends in pink or pale blue. I have no idea what that means! But Specsavers were quite happy to indulge me in my fashion-fuelled eyewear experiment, whilst the Bug chose his designer specs!

"Do I need glasses Mummy?"

Don’t you think I deserve glasses? Do I not sport them well? And Specsavers have so many cool designs, from LEGO, through Moshi Monsters and the Simpsons, as well as Hello Kitty. Not a bottle end in sight! Here are a few of my favourites:

"Designer glasses for children"

I shall continue to indulge my passion for late-night reading by fairy-light, which Mummy assures me will ruin my eyesight! In the meantime, it’s Claire’s Accessories for me:

"glasses for kids"

Disclosure: Mummy’s sight test was free of charge, and her glasses purchase was subsidised, for the purposes of this review. The children’s sight tests, and the Bug’s glasses were free of charge, on the NHS. All editorial content and opinion is our own.

9 thoughts on “Do I need glasses Mummy?”

  1. When did glasses become cool?! certainly not in my childhood. So relate to this because my little girl was delighted to get glasses. Another girl in her class got glasses first and everyone was clamouring around her.

  2. My very bright cousin was struggling with his reading at about age seven a couple of years ago. He decided the problem had to be that he needed glasses because his friend wears them and can read well. Bless him. He insisted his mum take him to be tested. He has 20:20 vision!

    • I know, I think it’s a conspiracy and that the optician industry have sponsored Claire’s to make it cool to be a four-eyes 😉

  3. J has been told he may need glasses soon (I did from the age of 10 so he is nearly there). He wasn’t so keen on the idea until we spotted the moshi ones. Now he just can’t wait! x

  4. I remember being very excited about getting glasses when I was about 14. They were only the free frames called Molly, but I only got to wear them some of the time to prevent headaches so maybe that is where the excitement came.

    I don’t wear glasses any more, but still get my eyes checked regularly. I’m going next week and taking B with me because I thought it would be good to get her eyes checked before she starts school because my husband has very bad eyesight.

    I know there is a Charlie and Lola episode about glasses so maybe there has been a media campaign to make it easier for children who wear glasses


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