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Type 1 diabetes is not a cheerful subject. It’s even less fun when you’re a child; and certainly no fun at all when you’re a 10 year old who has to prick her finger before she can eat. Nor is it nice waiting for the result of that finger-prick blood test. GG has been known to cover the screen of her meter as she tests, slow-revealing the result so as to lessen the blow. So anything that makes the whole daily slog of managing diabetes as a child will always get a massive tick in our house.

Modz Angry Birds Blood Glucose Meter

When Modz sent us their newest blood glucose meter to try out, I’ll admit that I thought it was too young to appeal to my Zoella-watching tween girl. And in fact, the first person in the house to test it out wasn’t my diabetic daughter, but my son, who couldn’t resist upacking this new ‘toy’ and getting it set up. I’ve long since stopped reading the instructions on new tech arrivals to our house – the kids just seem to know what to do, and the Modz meter was no exception. As I ploughed through the very thorough instruction booklet (after all, it is a medical device), the Bug had the meter dressed in its Angry Birds skin and was happily navigating through the functions.

The Modz Angry Birds blood glucose meter has clear and colourful graphics

He’d soon figured out how his sister would do her first test, and couldn’t wait for her to eat some carbs so he could check out her results on the colourful pie charts.

A motivational blood glucose meter

Regular testing helps children and their parents stay on top of blood glucose levels, and make the necessary adjustments to keep within a safe and healthy range. But pricking a finger is a bind, especially when you know you might not get the result you want. So it’s no surprise that some children would rather avoid some of those moments. Modz aim to motivate kids to test more often, and at key moments like mealtimes, by incorporating the fun and modern Angry Birds theme into every aspect of its monitoring.

Modz motivation for kids:

  • Angry Birds alarm reminders for tests at key times.
  • Fun reactions from the Angry Birds characters, depending on your blood glucose result.
  • Looks cool and engages interest from friends, to help kids avoid the stigma of diabetes with their friends.
  • A chance to win points and rewards for in-range results and frequent monitoring.

Case in point: GG was having a bad week when the meter arrived, and her first test yielded a reading of 18.0. An AWFUL reading which left me in a panic, but for her the sting was taken out of it by the bomb bird exploding on her screen to point out that she needed to take some action. It also left her keen to test again, so that she could see if she’d come down into a normal range, and what her character would do if she had. Thankfully she didn’t have too long to wait:

Two happy faces for this result on the Modz Angry Birds blood glucose meter

Modz peace of mind for parents:

As well as children more willing to test their blood sugar, Modz gives more advantages to worried parents:

  • Real time SMS or email notifications of a blood test result; I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to be kept updated on your child’s blood sugar levels when you’re not with them.
  • Set alarms to remind your child to test when you’re not there.
  • Summaries of test results, carb counts, insulin doses and exercise, with easy to read graphics.
  • The ability to share results with healthcare teams, so that more informed discussions can take place over changes that may need to be made.

It’s never a good time to have diabetes, but there’s never been a better time, with the quantity of new innovation coming onto the market to help lessen the burden of living with the condition. And when that tech is aimed at making life easier for the thousands of children dealing with the everyday stress of diabetes it’s got to be a good thing.

What people are saying about the Modz Angry Birds blood glucose meter:

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For more information, to buy, and for special offers, check out the Modz website.

Disclosure: this review was written on behalf of Modz. I was compensated for writing it, and given a temporary loan of a Modz Angry Birds blood glucose meter. All opinions and copy are our own.

9 thoughts on “Modz Angry Birds blood glucose meter review”

  1. Really interesting. Will pass on to my friend although he is not yet 5 so possibly a bit young at present.

    Hope you are all coping ok x

  2. Anything that helps youngsters suffering from diabetes stay pro-active in monitoring their sugar levels can only be a good thing. I know that none of this is easy, but I hope that you’re all OK x

    • Thanks Izzie, we’re ok. It’s a tough thing and we still haven’t really got our heads around the unfairness of how hard her life now has to be, but a lot of the testing and dosing is becoming more routine now. There will always be times that are difficult and exhausting now, but there’s no choice – if she’s going to have a happy life and a positive attitude to it all, then we have to show her how; so we have to get it together ourselves. Parenting is tough sometimes isn’t it!

  3. Hi Amy, I’m just popping in on behalf of Modz to say that we do have users who are four years old. Of course it depends a lot, but these guys were really quick in learning how to use Modz. One little boy wakes up, measures his BG on his own and then goes to wake up mummy to show her the bird he got this time. 🙂

    • I saw that on the testimonials Ritta! It’s amazing how quickly kids get their heads around something like this, and if a meter can help them see it as less of a chore then that’s got to be a good thing. There’s nothing better than regular testing to make sure they stay healthy over the long term, so staying motivated to do that is vital. Thanks for commenting, I have to say, my kids had the measure of the meter way faster than me, so it doesn’t surprise me that a 4 year old can manage it.

  4. Great review Helen, it just makes it all a little more fun doesn’t it? But I really love the fact that is messages you with the results I would love this x

    • Wouldn’t it be great if we could just keep tabs on our children all the time? 🙂 The life of a type 3 Mum makes it even harder to let go doesn’t it? I’m praying for more gadgets that communicate with others as time goes on. Although I know my girl will quickly figure out how to switch them off in her quest for independence 😉


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