Meet Me on a Monday

I have made a fab blog discovery at Never Growing Old, and she does a really cute link-up every Monday whereby bloggers answer questions about themselves in an attempt to let the world know who they really are. Mummy says there is plenty she doesn’t know about me, so she has asked me this week’s questions in an effort to understand me better! Here goes:

  1. My favourite kind of animal is… a puppy. No, a kitten. No, a puppy….can I have two?
  2. Do you like your handwriting? OMG! I love my handwriting. I can actually write with joined up letters! It is a skill I have recently mastered, and I join up everything: names to surnames, maths to menu-items, friends to each other….
  3. What is the last movie you saw? Rio, and I saw it at London Zoo!
  4. Do you buy things on Ebay? No, because Mummy won’t let me have her password, but I’m working on it. Have you seen how much Barbie stuff there is on there??
  5. What did you have for lunch yesterday? A cheese sandwich and a bottle of Oasis. Perfect!


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