Today Mummy is super-excited and honoured because the brilliant Kate Takes 5 has entrusted her with Listography! Personally I am super excited because this is my first solo post, and therefore Listography today is:


Top 5 Yoghurts

"Yeo Valley yoghurt"

  1. Black cherry Fruit corner: best of all yogurts,even biscut corners!
  2. Greek yogurt with jam: Not just just jam, Hartleys squeezy jam,no fancy stuff with strawberrys.
  3. fruity yahoo* yogurt: the perfect combination.
  4. toffe apple corners:mum makes me eat this ’cause she thinks it’s made of apple.
  5. frubes:yummy,especialy when mum freezes them in to mini milks!

"Shrek Frubes"

*mum just told me it’s Yeo valley but I like ya hoo better!


Mummy here: for the record,  I would like to state that the section in between the hearts is all GG’s own work; I tried to intervene, but she brushed me off with an eye-roll. I tried really hard to stop her with all the colouring-in effects, but I was told I know nothing about art. *sighs*

I would also like to point out that I never let my Frubes go out of date (much). And that no-one as important as Kate has ever given me their linky post before. So I am more than a little miffed that my 7 year old gets it on her first try. Humpfff!

It is pure coincidence that we won Mummy Mishaps‘ competition and received a ton of Yeo Valley yoghurt produce this week – if you’re short of inspiration for Listography this week, feel free to pop round and avail yourself of some of ours!

If you’re new to Listography you can read all about it here. To join in just write your post on your own blog, put the url of the post in the Linky Tools below and then visit some of the other entries if any of you dare take the yoghurt challenge! (I’ll settle for desserts 😉

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