Listography: Mummy’s Top 5 Cookbooks

Listography this week at Kate Takes 5 is Top 5 Cookbooks, and Mummy couldn’t resist. Here are the cookbooks in our house:

"Cookbooks"We have lots. But funnily enough there are actually only 5 that she really uses.

Good Housekeeping: it holds all the classic recipes from Sherry Trifle to Boeuf Bourgignon, from a Victoria Sponge to jointing and roasting a turkey. And the best ever orange and almond cake, containing a whole, boiled, puréed orange. It sounds odd, but it is lush!

"Delia's Winter Collection"Full of rich casseroles, stodgy puds, and cosy soups – the best of which is Roasted Pumpkin with melting gruyère – mmmmmm.

"Fast cakes by Mary Berry"Mary Berry’s Fast Cakes has been in our family for around 35 years. Grandma still makes the ginger fairings from this book most Saturdays, as she did with Mummy when she was young. There are recipes in here that me and the Bug can make practically on our own, and there are Black Forest Gateaux for big occasions. It still comes out most weeks.

"Weightwatchers"After all of the above Mummy requires a day here and there from this book. Believe it or not there are Weightwatchers recipes that taste pretty good – and most of them are in here.

"Abel and Cole Cookbook"Finally, we get an organic vegetable box every week from Abel and Cole. Of course, any beetroot we get is destined for this wonderful cake, but everything else is put into something healthy and fresh from this book.

Pretty good combination of the good, the not so good, and the sinfully good…

18 thoughts on “Listography: Mummy’s Top 5 Cookbooks”

  1. Not got that Mary Berry book, but got another one from her – the How to Cook one.
    Yours sounds good too.
    Great list!

  2. This Listography is making me realise how much more adventurous everyone else is with their cooking! I like the look of the cake book 🙂

  3. I’ve got the first three on your list in my collection, the Good Housekeeping book is particularly useful in my opinion.

  4. Ooh I love cook books! Really, I am quite obsessive about them. There are some interesting ones there that I haven’t heard of which is noce, but looking at the photo of your cookery books, I do have a lot that are the same as you!

  5. I’ve got that Good Housekeeping book too. It’s the business. If I could only have one book ever it would have to be that one. Not necessarily the most exciting – but has got everything you really need to know.

  6. Reallt must get myself a Mary Berry book. Your collection and descriptions make me want to come around for dinner. Yum!

  7. Mary Berry is the queen of cakes in my humble opinion!

    I have the Abel & Cole book but have never tried it – must check out that chocolate cake recipe!

  8. Wow – great inspiration. Must remember to insert beetroot into small fussy eater via chocolate cake stealth method. Good plan. Miss our Abel&Cole boxes – that inspired a love of Jerusalem Artichokes when tis the season.

    • “insert beetroot into small fussy eater via chocolate cake stealth method.” Haha! mind if I use that in the post??
      It is Jerusalem Artichoke season right now if my box is anything to go by – they can be a bit explosive though, iykwim!

  9. I have a Mary Berry aga book, but don’t think I’ve ever cooked anything from it. I NEED a cake book of hers though!

  10. I really must get one by Mary Berry…I only just got into the Great British Bake Off this last series. I’ve always kept my little recipe card from Abel & Cole, they’re brilliant!

  11. Mary Berry, Delia, Good Housekeeping and a Weight Watchers! Fab selection with some true classics. Don’t have that particular Mary Berry though – am hunting Amazon as we speak … or type… 🙂


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