Wot So Funee?

Daddy hates Kerplunk.

Dress it up, sell the concept to the Early Learning Centre, and call it the Bee game, there is no disguising the fact that it is Kerplunk. And Daddy hates it. Hates the little bees that scatter all over the kitchen floor, managing to get as far as the fridge 5 metres away, where they lurk, tantalisingly visible, but unreachable. Hates the dread as he extracts a likely stick, certain of a disastrous losing cascade. And hates even more the set-up – all those sticks that must be painstakingly poked through not one, but two tiny holes.

He almost never lets us play it. He attempts to persuade us that we are too old; unfortunately for him, we are 5, and 8…


Daddy spied another opportunity to gain the advantage in his argument, claiming that he is far too old to be party to the game – it says so on the box. But I am wiser, more devious, and far more competitive than Daddy. Mummy says I get it from him:

"setting up kerplunk"


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