The puppy discussions have reached epic proportions in the Actually Mummy household this week, so I have decided to wade in and complete the trilogy of Dear So and So letters….

Dear Bug….. Do not worry. Mummy has promised not to get you a Coral Snake, therefore it will not bite your puppy and he will not run inside and hide. Coral snakes are poisonous and will actually kill your puppy. What you want is a Milk Snake – they’re fine….Always here to help, your very intelligent sister x

Dear Rhino…. Do you realise what you have done by bringing in your menagerie of pets for show and tell? Not only does my brother need a puppy, he now requires a rabbit and a miniature tortoise as well!…. Protectively, GG

Dear Bug’s Teacher….. It is time to move on. Pet week has lasted nearly a month and is becoming difficult to manage. The plethora of ambiphians parading through the classroom is complicating the Bug’s wish list. I mean, is a Bearded Dragon something Santa could actually lay his hands on this side of Christmas??….Bored now, Year 2 Know-All.

Dear Mummy….Just get him a puppy already! Then all the talk of puppy-eating snakes and Geckos in the bed can stop – it’s giving me nightmares!….Love, GG x

Dear So and So...

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