It never rains…

It never rains but it pours

I like to think I’m an optimistic person. I don’t count magpies and assume the ugly thieves have the power to change my life. I put umbrellas up indoors – it’s practical when drying. And new shoes always go on the table for labelling before they make it to the cupboard under the stairs. It would be bad luck if they didn’t, given my children’s capacity for sending their stuff to lost property.

But recently I’m wondering whether I’ve accidentally offended the gods of fate. As some of you know, my 9 year old daughter is dealing with a recent diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. I won’t lie, it’s tough going right now. So you’d think that would be enough to be focussed on. But no, it never rains, as they say – it pours.

Every single thing that could be going wrong, appears to be queueing up for its turn to poke a metaphorical tongue out at us. Here’s a recent sample:

  • A shoulder injury requiring 3 days in a sling for GG – 2 days after diagnosis
  • A groin strain – GG again
  • ‘Clicky’ ankles, 4 days of hobbling and a lot of pain – GG
  • A broken zip on the Bug’s newish coat (I realise, not a huge thing, but still…)
  • A missing Beavers sweatshirt that I have to replace, before the temperatures drop
  • The wrong prescription turning up at the pharmacy, doubling my current weekly social call on the goddess of medicines who resides there
  • A stubbed toe that went beyond the normal ouch into the realms of profanity.

Perhaps I’m simply attaching more significance to the negatives in my life at the moment. Would I have thought anything of my fridge door spilling raspberries all over the floor, if it had happened 6 weeks ago?

As I type, my daughter is upstairs in bed, spiking blood sugars alternating with hypos, fighting a virus that has wiped her out. “Why is this all happening to me?” she queries, and I have no answers. But then I receive a barrage of texts from my bedroom, where she has taken possession of our super-kingsize bed. She is, at least, capable of using her new phone – her pride and joy in all this chaos:

Text chat with my 9 year old daughter

So maybe it’s not all bad. At least the poo is still smiley.

Although at this very moment the bomb squad have a house over the road cordonned off for controlled explosions. You could not make this stuff up. It never rains but it pours.

Anyone know of any deals in the sun?

29 thoughts on “It never rains…”

  1. Aww! What a lot to deal with….Sounds like you’re doing so well though!
    What lovely messages between your daughter and you….Even with the smiley poo!
    Hugs x

  2. Oh lovely, that does sound like a lot to deal with. What a beautiful text message exchange though! All of it will pass or I prove or feel better very soon, I’m sure. You’re coping so very well.

  3. The smiley poo made me laugh. What a tough time of things you are having. Bet your amazing girly is taking it all in her stride though. I think that after this run of bad stuff, it can only mean that you are overdue lots of good stuff in the very near future?? Fingers xd. Hugs xx

  4. Oh wow Helen, so much to deal with. GG is such a star though, you must be so proud of her strength. Her texts have made me chuckle!

  5. I never know what to say…but your daughter is so like you x smart , brave and i’m sure with time you will become stronger. lots of love xxx

  6. OMG the bomb squad! What on earth are the heavenly gods thinking, enough already. I am going out today and finding something from Canada to at least give you a smile for more than a moment.

    Seriously though, overall the two of you, and bug and Jason, I’m sure are handling this new bump in the road like troopers. You are an amazing woman Helen and once the dust settles there will be sunshine over your house.

    Thinking of you, sending strength and prayers to help you get through this.


  7. Keep smiling lovely & don’t let any of this get you down. GG sounds as though she’s coping well in spite of everything & her texts are awesome for making a mum smile on a particularly bad day.
    Thinking of you and hoping that life gets better very soon x

  8. Gosh… you are at the wars at the moment. What a huge change that GG has had to cope with. Sounds to me like both you and her are doing really well, and you are so supportive. I giggled at Mister Poo! X

  9. It’s weird how this happens isn’t it? I do wonder if when we are experiencing a really crap time, we just struggle to see any sunshiney bits at all. You have a wonderful girl in GG who is clearly coping with all this very well and in her usual jovial way. Sometimes we can learn so much from our kids, can’t we? I’m sure you’re doing brilliantlly and I hope the sun shines brighter in your world very soon x x

  10. GG sounds like the best kid EVER! Your first reply text made me have a tear. It’s like the ultimate parenting statement. “I will be there for you at every turn until you don’t need me anymore” *sobs. Hugs to you all. Such a massive adjustment, but if you can all cope with it with a smiley poo, I’d say your family is half way there already gorgeous x

    • Thanks Katy, it’s huge and it’s scary and it’s forever and that’s so tough to see her dealing with. As long as she keeps her smile and her sense of fun, I know she’ll be ok x

  11. You’re certainly using up all your bad luck at the moment, I like to think it means you are due some amazing karma anytime now.

    And in the mean time, there is always gin xxx

  12. Your text message exchange just had me blubbing. Sorry about the rain. Sounds too too much.
    I am glad Xmas is round the corner and I hope it brings brighter days.
    She sounds like she is retaining her sense of humour. Brave cool kid!
    Liska xx

  13. Aw your texts are so sweet Helen, she’s a very lucky girl to have you as a Mummy.

    It must be so hard for you right now to see her going through this but you’re clearly doing an amazing job judging by those texts.

    Stay strong x x

  14. GG is an incredible girl and you are an incredible mum. Sometimes it does seems that everything just comes at you at once, but I think maybe we do just notice the smaller annoyances more when we have the big things on our plate. Probably because there is only so much we can deal with at once!
    You have an amazing family, stay strong lovely xx

  15. GG is a little superstar. You’ll get through this and she’ll make you continually proud with her resilience in the face of a crappy situation. And probably send you poo smileys while doing it. To still have a sense of humour when all this is going on shows what true grit your daughter has – she’s made of strong stuff, just like her mum. xxx

    • Thanks Molly, she really is, although she’s currently asking me why she feels like crying and shouting at people all the time. I’m torn between diabetes and hormones – poor old thing 🙂

  16. Hey Helen, just back my hols (first one without family for nearly 10 years she says defensively!) and catching up with the news. Sounds like you’ve really taken a hit recently on the domestic front. I read that you won a MAD award. How thrilling for you and well deserved. x

  17. ah those texts are worth so much, boys don’t manage more than “OK, yes, no”. Willing you all that deal in the sun right now x

  18. I’m so sorry to read this Helen. Poor GG and poor you. I hope things have started to get easier. A mum at school has just had her 4 year old son diagnosed and is finding it tough. I shall point her to your blog.

    I hope I have such witty text exchanges with my daughter one day although obviously she will not have a phone until she’s 20. Ha ha.

    Thinking of you all x

    • Thanks Amy, it is tough. Hug your friend, and ask her about it. We don’t like to bombard people, but it does help to talk. And it really really helps to meet people who have gone through it and are managing fine – especially adults. We heare so many inspirational stories, and that’s what gives us the strength to trust that she will be alright. My biggest sadness is that she has to learn all this at such a young age. But she will get there x


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