Inspiring women: my daughterThe fundraising force that is Team Honk has issued a blogging prompt in honour of International Women’s Day next Saturday 8th March. An inspiring woman; someone you admire, who changes your outlook, who you would work hard to be more like. I struggled, to be honest. In life I am influenced by many friends, they inspire me to try new things: better photography, running, dancing, writing. In blogging there are multiple women who support me, prompt me, and give me new ideas.

But one woman who makes me want to be a better person? For whom I am prepared to change? No.

There is a girl though. This girl.

She never stops smiling. Not when she was utterly deflated by the teasing of a friend; not when she hurts herself; not when she receives a telling off. She can cry, like anyone, and she is prone to melodrama when she feels challenged. But that smile is never absent for long.

Today I picked her up from her drama class. As I waited for her to appear from the classroom I idly glanced at the other students on their way out. There was a real air of gloom. A teenaged girl came out looking tearful. My girl’s best friend looked downcast. There was none of the usual chatter. She smiled when she saw me, and we headed for the car.

We walked past the teenager, now sobbing in her mother’s arms and I questioned my daughter:

Is L ok? She looked really grumpy…

Her response knocked me sideways:

We just got a lecture for our performance. We weren’t very good. That’s probably why. Lectures don’t phase me. It would be easy to get upset, but I know from my piano practice that if you’re getting told off, there’s a good reason. Being upset doesn’t help, you just have to take it on the chin and put it right.

She is 9 years old and she has this kind of wisdom.

These pictures were taken this afternoon, after we’d made a cake together. As I put the cake into the oven I heard a sickening crack behind me, then silence. I turned to see my always skipping girl on the floor, clasping her foot. She doesn’t often cry, but the tears really flowed. A sprain hopefully, but she can’t walk right now. An hour later as she breathed in the warmth of a ginger banana upside-down cake she couldn’t keep the smile off her face. And when she got a bit too close and came up with cake on her chin she was in fits of giggles.

This is my inspiring woman. A girl who knows how to look on the bright side, who has a beautiful smile that is never far from her face. I want to be like her. This is my daughter.

My inspiring woman has cake on her chin

These photos were snapped quickly, in poor light, with an eye on making sure no-one nudged her foot. So they are not the best images. But I’ve tried again with the black and white tips on Love All Blogs’ Better Photo Project, and it has really improved the pictures.

I’m also linking with The Boy and Me’s 365 Project, PODcast’s What’s the Story, I Heart Snapping’s Living Arrows, and Mummy Daddy Me’s Ordinary Moments. On all of them you will find gorgeous images, which have inspired me to improve my photography.

And if you have an inspiring woman in mind, do post about her for International Women’s day and supportΒ Team Honk.

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