I Want a Puppy – Dear So and So…

Last week Mummy wrote about not getting a puppy. It is now the Bug’s turn to respond:

Dear Teacher…I want a puppy. We need to work on Mummy. You made a good start by giving me ‘Star of the Week.’ She is beginning to soften. If you could just fix it so I get a Headteacher’s certificate soon I think we might be in with a chance. Yours conspiratorially, The one who sits very still at circle time.

Dear Little Rhino….Thanks for having my back with Mummy. Remember to drive that nail in a little more every time you see her, and I will let you have my milk at breaktime for a week. She is definitely cracking. High 5’s, Bug.

Dear GG….You are the best sister in the world. That picture you found of the puppy I want? Genius idea! If we leave it on her bedside table she will never be able to resist! (I still hate you though). Bug.

Dear Mummy…. I really want a puppy! You know you’re going to cave eventually, so it might as well be sooner than later. Sadly this effort you got me isn’t going to cut it. Do you think I was born yesterday? Love you forever (if you get me a puppy), Bug.

Not my puppy!



17 thoughts on “I Want a Puppy – Dear So and So…”

  1. I’m with Bug here – I got the puppy before the children. G the dog (a ex-racing greyhound) was with us a year and a half before LT came along. Get a dog

  2. Love it and Puppy’s are so cute, but you have to remember they grow up so quickly, they smell when they get wet and need walking every day, come sun, rain, snow and ice!
    Thought about a cat instead 😉

    PS can you pass on my thanks to your Mummy for visiting my new blog and pointing out an error, No I am not hosting at Britmums, being new to all this I am making mistakes along the way, and guess I pressed something to add it to my site, hopefully I will improve quickly and have deleted it Sadie x

  3. OMG – I want that Puppy too!!!!! The cutest one I’ve ever seen. She’s a good negotiator, that’s for sure. Keep me posted when you get it…I can sense some caving in starting to happen!!!!!

  4. I feel like it’s 2:1 to the Bug at the moment and we are in extra time! Who knows if next week’s Dear So and So might be from the puppy?!

  5. Oh that’s funny!I once had a little boy at nursery who told me all about his new puppy,this went on for weeks until I found out that there had never been a puppy at all!Do you know tho months later his mum did buy him a dog!

  6. At the moment my daughter is nervous around dogs so we have a good excuse for not getting her one when she asks. Don’t know what we’ll say when she gets a bit braver. I am definitely NOT getting a dog.


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