Last week Mummy wrote about not getting a puppy. It is now the Bug’s turn to respond:

Dear Teacher…I want a puppy. We need to work on Mummy. You made a good start by giving me ‘Star of the Week.’ She is beginning to soften. If you could just fix it so I get a Headteacher’s certificate soon I think we might be in with a chance. Yours conspiratorially, The one who sits very still at circle time.

Dear Little Rhino….Thanks for having my back with Mummy. Remember to drive that nail in a little more every time you see her, and I will let you have my milk at breaktime for a week. She is definitely cracking. High 5’s, Bug.

Dear GG….You are the best sister in the world. That picture you found of the puppy I want? Genius idea! If we leave it on her bedside table she will never be able to resist! (I still hate you though). Bug.

Dear Mummy…. I really want a puppy! You know you’re going to cave eventually, so it might as well be sooner than later. Sadly this effort you got me isn’t going to cut it. Do you think I was born yesterday? Love you forever (if you get me a puppy), Bug.

Not my puppy!



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