I am international spy with a serious caffeine problem

Bet you didn’t know that.

Neither did I, but that’s what comedian Mark Watson decided when he came to have a snoop round my home recently. Star of stand-up comedy, Mark Watson Kicks Off, and Mock the week, Mark was invited by Money Supermarket to have a guess at my personality, based on what he found in my home. The theory was that we insure our most important belongings, not just for their financial worth, but because of what they mean to us personally.

International Spy? What would your household items say about you? #MSMHomeTruths

A team arrived to video Mark’s cogitations, and rather like Through the Keyhole, I stifled giggles from the other room, listening in to his thought process as he made his way round my kitchen. Here’s what he decided about me:

It was rather an eye-opener. I knew he was joking about the spy thing, though it is always fun to impress people with the amount of diabetes hardware we have to hand. But I’d never considered myself to have a caffeine problem, and I must be one of the few women on whom George Clooney has no effect (give me Beckham any day). I take small comfort from the fact that Mark clearly knows his Nespresso as well as I do, quite rightly citing that my purple pods are the strongest coffee they sell. I detect a fellow coffee lover.

Nespresso Coffee

As well as these humorous observations, Mark rightly guessed that the things in my home that mean the most to me are those connected to my children, and to my blogging achievements. My awards stand next to my desk, alongside a giant hashtag given to me by my husband; and framed quotes stand on the window ledge to remind me of how cute and funny my children were when they were little. It’s quite possible that – though they have no real financial value – I would grab them on my way to call the fire brigade.

What would your household contents say about you?

You can see more amusing personality diagnoses on the Money Supermarket Home Truths page, or on #MSMHomeTruths online.

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time on this project by Money Supermarket.

4 thoughts on “I am international spy with a serious caffeine problem”

  1. Ha ha I love it, I need to get a Nespresso if not just to visit the Nespresso shop at the Trafford Centre it looks amazing. And a spy, that would be fun although I most definitely talk to much ha ha. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year. xx

  2. You can keep David Beckham just as long as I can have the delectable Mr Clooney. I loved the insight into your life from Mark Watson’s brilliant observations. Wishing you a very Happy New Year Helen x


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