How to feel good about your sleep with TEMPUR®

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to lie on a TEMPUR® mattress? Or if a TEMPUR® pillow will really make a difference to that crick in your neck? In this post I’m going to tell you, and let you know how you can test out as many products as you like, to decide if TEMPUR® will make a difference to your life.

This post contains links to TEMPUR® products. I have been paid for my time in writing the post and testing the products. Opinions and images are my own.

Feeling good about sleep

I don’t know about you, but the pandemic took a real toll on my mental health and energy levels. I’d blame the stress of being permanently at home with other people who also seemed to be permanently at home (*looks at no one in particular*), but in reality it probably also had something to do with a lack of my normal routine, cancelled pilates classes, and chocolate, especially throughout the dreary wet months of winter. I also managed to pick up a knee injury on our first holiday post pandemic, so the sloth has well and truly set in as I’ve been recovering.

But now that my summer wardrobe has started to be useful on sunny days, I’m determined to get into better habits. More exercise, eating better, and getting into a healthier sleep routine. I know that sleep is the lynchpin of my health, both physical and mental. If I lose it, everything else starts to crumble. So if I want to feel good about my life it’s crucial that my bed is comfortable. I have fibromyalgia, which means my joints and muscles can stiffen up and become painful if I lie still for too long. So the last thing I need is a mattress or pillow that’s wrong for my neck and back.

Visting a TEMPUR® store

TEMPUR® store Bluewater

The team at TEMPUR® recently invited me down to the TEMPUR® store at Bluewater to test out all their pillows (and lie on a few beds!) I’ve bought a few pillows over the years in an effort to figure out what causes my hip/neck/shoulder pain (depending on life stage, all of these have caused me problems!) but it’s impossible to know if a mattress or pillow is right unless you get to actually try it, don’t you think? I’ve spent fortunes on pillows that promised to be the cure, only to find they were all hype. And when do you ever get to try before you buy with a pillow? I’m definitely not brave enough to start testing out the pillows in a department store!

The great thing about the TEMPUR® store is that you can lie on all the beds, and try all the pillows until you find one that’s just right for you. TEMPUR® memory foam is used to make mattresses and pillows that evenly distribute weight and pressure, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. Its proven pressure relief gives your body total comfort and support, reducing tossing and turning and absorbing motion from your partner so you are less likely to disturb one another.

Experimenting with pillows

But it’s not just lying on a bed swapping out pillows that tells you what’s going to work. Ideally, you need an objective eye to look at your posture as you lie on the mattress, and advise on which one is exactly right for you. Which is what happens in store. Their staff are experts in posture, so as I lay on my first bed, the store assistant was able to see immediately that my lower back was dropping a little too much into the mattress – he knew from seeing that that I would end up with back ache in no time, even though it was too soon for me to feel it. How cool is that!? A couple of beds later he declared my posture just right and I knew that my perfect mattress was the 25cm TEMPUR® Original Elite.

Next we moved on to pillows. TEMPUR® have a range of pillows from traditional shapes, to neck pain pillows and even a pillow designed specifically for front sleepers, to try and avoid the pain of a twisted neck. I wanted to try the neck pain pillows, because that’s where most of my discomfort comes from. Although they come in three different levels of firmness and depth, none was right for me. I knew, because my advisor could see that my head was tilted too much for my neck to feel good in the morning. And once I wake up with a stiff neck, it’s a guarantee I’ll have a headache by the end of the day – and so the cycle starts again!

Then I tried the side sleeper pillow, but for me that also wasn’t quite right, being too deep for my narrow shoulders, and leaving me with a tilted head. Eventually we tried the TEMPUR® traditional pillow; as I settled into it I knew it was better, and the confirmation came from my store assistant. He could see that my head was at the right angle so that my neck was supported without being at an unnatural angle. Take a look at my video to see the various pillows I tried.

To get the pillow that’s right for you, you’d ideally visit a TEMPUR® store and get this kind of advice for yourself, but there is plenty of information on the website to help you make up your mind, and you can even book a phone call to get personalised advice before you make a choice. You even get a 30 day pillow trial and 100 day mattress trial, so if you buy a product and find it’s not right for you, it’s straightforward to return it for a full refund. What have you got to lose?

Eventually I found my perfect pillow. For me it turns out that the TEMPUR® traditional pillow is best – what will yours be?

I cannot emphasise enough how much I’d recommend getting exactly the right mattress and pillow set-up for you. So many things keep us awake – from alcohol and snoring to life stresses and worries; an uncomfortable bed should not be one of them! If you can get to a TEMPUR® store, I’d really recommend it, and if not, take a look at the TEMPUR® website for help with feeling good about your bed.

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