Wot So Funee? How to change your parents

Wot So Funee?Prompted by I’m Counting UFO’s #funee post last week I remembered that actually I had wanted to change my Mummy recently.

I knew I couldn’t, but after I’d doled out all the requisite slander – “You’re the worst Mummy in the world, you hate me, I hate you, you love the Bug more than me…” I pulled out my best lines to really sock it to her.

“I’m going to tell Laura tomorrow, and she’s going to tell her Mum, and then her Mum will hate you too, and you’ll have no-one to speak to on the playground.”

Mummy, having been to a course on managing anger in children, kept quiet, kept driving, and waited. She didn’t have to wait long. Up piped the Bug:

“She can live with that…”

The Bug’s friend Liam also wants to change his Mum. When asked what he would change, he calmly replied:

“I want the same one, but I want to change it so that when I call her, and she says she’s coming in 2 seconds, I count to 2 and she’s there…”

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12 thoughts on “Wot So Funee? How to change your parents”

  1. Love the Bug’s comment, and he can do deadpan really well 🙂 In the mean time I am still practicing my 1-2 second response time… and failing. Last night I was brushing my teeth:
    L: Mummy!
    Me: one second
    L (1 second later): Mummy!
    L (1 second later): Mummy!
    Me: I SAID ONE SECOND (and then realising, oh yeah I did it again…)

  2. Aw I love that last comment, it is cute and sad at the same time! How many times do I say I will be there in a minute and ten minutes later …

  3. LOL! love both those responses. I got told today by Spud that he loves Daddy but not me. He’s 3!
    I tried to link up but the linky wasn’t working 🙁 so here’s my post http://lifeloveandlivingwithboys.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/chuckle-brothers-wot-so-funnee/


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