How to Blog – Video Tutorial: Wot So Funee?

Wot So Funee?I am thrilled to welcome back an old favourite. This type of post, showcasing the funny things our children say and write, was the very reason I began this blog, and what better way to bring back the #funee than with a video tutorial on how to blog and use social media. Ladies and Gents, I give you – GG, all her own work:

Do your kids make you laugh?

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I am trilled and elated to find myself with a place on the shortlist for the Brilliance in Blogging awards. If you haven’t voted yet I would actually be atingle (it said that in the thesaurus, who am I to argue?) if you could click on the badge here and vote for meeeeee!

And, and, and, while you’re in the generous mood, I would love a nomination for the MAD Blog awards, which sounds like the closest thing I’ll ever get to the Oscars. Click below to be whisked off to their voting page (I reckon my best chance is Schooldays or Family Fun):


17 thoughts on “How to Blog – Video Tutorial: Wot So Funee?”

  1. Fan-blooming-tastic. She’s got it sussed in a nutshell. My two don’t know the terminology for what I do….yet. My 3 year old came through the other day whilst I was blogging and commented “you’ve been on there for aaaaaaaaages”. Ooops!

  2. That was ace. I think back to my day when computers didnt even exist! Kids are so tech savvy. Little A uses her daddy’s Ipad so intuitively!

    • Oh yes, she’s got us sussed! Now I’m off to yours to find out whey I seem to be ‘working’ all day and you manage to sip wine in the garden!

  3. *snorts* No scratch that *laughs her lungs out*
    But when do you fit in the radio shows, interviews and school runs?

  4. Well I hate to say it but there was some head scratching here – are the ‘little visitors’ still lurking or was a thoughtful head scratch?!

    And to quote the girl herself – “NO TWITTER AT THE DINNER TABLE MUMMY!”

  5. Children are so astute! I can totally relate to your day (although I have to cram it all in during an evening nowadays) and love how GG ticks everything off as she goes through each part of your day; she’s very organised.

  6. wow we have a pro blogger / tv presenter in the making!
    My Princess is 3 and calls my time on the laptop “checking the internet” as she doesn’t get blogging yet!

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