My Silent Sunday this week was an awesome shot (and I don’t normally like to big myself up, but it was awesome). I had lots of great responses about how amazing my iPhone was for getting such an incredible shot. And I had this comment from MyMumdom:

Oh bugger! How did that slip me by? Thinking cap on, Mummy took another look at that photo and remembered what she had actually been trying to capture when she accidentally got a great close-up of a bumblebee. We were noticing how many different varieties of daffodil there are on our walk to school, and she wanted to create a collage (see our next Silent Sunday). Not having quite enough for the effect she had in mind, we decided that a single blue grape hyacinth would set off the daffodils nicely.

With every photo she took we noticed the dew of a cold morning, yeilding to the warming sun, tiny droplets sparkling on each petal:

"dew on blue petals"And here is the original photo, in case you missed it on Sunday:

"bumblebee"I’m excited to see the other extreme close-up shots inspired by the theme at the Gallery on Sticky Fingers today….

If you haven’t yet cast your vote, I would be honoured and super-happy if you voted for me in either or both of these lovely awards:

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