That Helen Keller was soooo lucky! A Wot so Funee? post

"Helen Keller"

As many of you are aware, I’m a reader of the late-night variety. I have had my book-case surgically removed from my bedroom by my sleep-worshiping parents, and I step foot out of my bedroom during official sleeping hours at my peril. However, being less devout and more youthful in outlook than my past-it tired elders, I can go to all sorts of lengths to achieve a night-time read.

Anyway, I don’t consider myself abnormal. Most of my friends are keen on the pursuit of covert reading. In fact, a good friend of mine recently took up the hobby and has myriad different solutions to her parent’s policing of her sleep:book ratio. She, like me, also gets frustrated easily, and doesn’t enjoy concentrating on activities which have the bad grace to be difficult to master.

Her mother had the genius idea of buying her a kid’s book about Helen Keller. Ms Keller was apparently a bit of a stropster in her youth, finding deafness and blindness somewhat of a challenge – as you would. The book was intended to show my friend that it is possible to overcome even the greatest difficulties in life and go on to achieve incredible things. If Helen could do it, so could my friend!

The book was consumed with great interest. Mother and daughter got down to discussing how amazing Helen Keller was, and how easy little girls with no disability have it in the learning stakes. They talked about Braille, and how blind people learn to read.

“But it’s so unfair!” was my friend’s verdict. “She was soooo lucky! She must have been able to stay up reeeeaally late reading and her mother didn’t even know!”

What? Wot so funee about that?

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  1. tee hee – well that’s one way to look at it I suppose! lol 😉 look at you with your three bib nominations, you are a one woman blogging awards machine! lol x


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