Erm, where did my Mum go?

Mummy has been acting a bit odd recently. Not like her usual self at all. Recently she became one of the finalists in the MAD Blog Awards 2013. She was really, really happy. She might even have voted for herself (I told her that was probably against the rules, but she wouldn’t listen – and she has the audacity to scold me for the slightest transgression)! But she didn’t do what she did last year and break her email account with requests for votes to friends, colleagues, ex-boyfriends, and cousin’s of Daddy’s friends’ dogs.

A playground mum congratulated her on making it to the final, having seen a small write-up in the paper. She’d missed it. What is that about? My Mum’s in the paper and she’s not wearing out the photocopier??

2013-04-26 001She claims she’s happy to be in the final; the party will be wonderful; she won her category last year, so maybe it’s time for someone else to have their spot in the limelight. I wore my confused face for a very long time over this.

Then yesterday she went to a Vision Board workshop. She’s been struggling to find the motivation to get her business website up and running. She’s also wondering about the direction this blog needs to take now that I’m less of a hilarious duffer toddler and am not bringing home the #funees as regularly as I ought. A friend suggested she try this visualisation session to get her focused on what she really wants out of life (although she has me, so quite what she feels is missing is profoundly puzzling).

She doesn’t normally do this kind of thing. Words like “grounding” “cosmic energy” and “manifestation” see her running for Majestic Warehouse wearing an expression of alarm.  But when she came home, she was a different person!

“I want to be a writer!” she exclaimed. “I want to really write, proper stuff. I want to publish that book I’ve been muttering about for the last 7 years.”

“I want to wake up excited about my day, not wondering how long before I can go back to bed,” she enthused. “I want to be fit. I want money. I want a nest-egg.”

“I want to wear a wedding dress to our anniversary party and I don’t care if people do think I’m too old and self-indulgent. I’m middle-aged and I can bloody well do what I want!”

“Oh, and I want to win the MADs!” she blurted. Yay! My Mum’s back!

Sadly, it’s too late to vote in the MADs. She will have to leave that to fate and the wisdom of the judges now. But what do you know? She’s also shortlisted in the Brilliance in Blogging awards, in no less than 3 categories! You can vote for us in Laugh, Video, or Social Media. Voting is open until midnight on 12 May. For those readers who don’t really get social media, here’s a definition:

Social media: what Mummy does all day to avoid tidying up LEGO or undertaking the mediation of sibling dispute.

She was gobsmacked to be shortlisted in the Video final, until someone lovely reminded her of these.

Oh, and by the way Daddy, she also said she wants a convertible Mini Cooper. I’d get down to Majestic quick, if I were you 😉

Helen says – we are always so grateful to be read, and thankful for every nomination we’ve been given. There is outstanding talent in all the awards this year, and if we get your vote, I will feel very privileged. If we win, well – who knows what I might do?!

28 thoughts on “Erm, where did my Mum go?”

  1. Liking the sound of your course, could do with a little of that myself. It’s good to step back and assess what it is you really want and where you’re heading. We can all get too caught up in the day to day if we’re not careful, I know I have been recently. You might have given me that little extra push to focus on the future.

    • It really surprised me how much I got out of it. Definitely worth trying something new. Although I feel bad cutting out some of the peripheral stuff I do

  2. So glad you enjoyed the course, I’m loving Mel’s courses – been to 2 already and planning on going to the next one. She’s very grounded as well as being a bit tree huggy like me ;o)

  3. I love you , even with the trolley but use the term ‘cosmic energy’ in my presence and I will not be held responsible for my actions 😉

    Good luck in the BiBs 😀

  4. Fab post, of course you should write, and yes you have a little BIB vote from me even though 3 categories is frankly quite greedy. Go you!

  5. Oooo sounds interesting – the posts I have read so far are always interesting so go for it and write a book – you would have a pretty large audience of bloggers to start you off, Bee x

  6. Brilliant. You’re a great writer already – you don’t need to want to be one because you are one. I like the sound of that vision board. Looks like it gave you great focus without spooking you too much! 🙂

  7. Go for it Helen, you have the skill and the talent. Follow that dream girl, what’s the worst that can happen? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Good Luck for the BiBs too, I suspect you will need your red carpet finery 🙂

  8. Yay! Go Mummy!
    It is soooo liberating to realise what you actually want to do.
    And no doubt be a roaring success at it x


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