“This is epic! I look like a giant fluffy marshmallow. Don’t eat me, will you…?”

Wonderful frothy pettiskirt tutu

I got excited on Friday when this fabulous pettiskirt tutu arrived from Miss Francis. It was out of its gorgeous box and onto my tiny tush quicker than you can say #autoawesome.

Gorgfeously frilly girls tutu pettiskirt

I’ve wanted what I like to call a festival skirt since my visits this summer to Just So, and to Feastival, where I saw cute little girls in spotty wellies and frilly skirts rocking moves to the music in the mud. It’s a seriously cool look, in a “oh I just threw it on and it worked” kind of way, and I wanted to replicate it to the last detail 😉

2013-10-10 Tutu Skirt 001

So we searched the shops: we found a couple of cute skirts at H&M, and one at Next, but they just weren’t frothy enough. We happened across some fabulous skirts at Vintage Retro in Great Marlborough Street, but they only had adult sizes. Next we searched the internet – a few tulle skirts on Etsy that weren’t quite right, and some things on Ebay I could have afforded with my pocket money – Mummy was worried it might be of the kind of quality to go up in flames on arrival.

Then we saw this post on Dear Beautiful and gasped. Would they have it in my size? We spent most of the evening browsing the Miss Francis site – not only did it come in sizes up to 10 years, it also came in lots of colours. Should we have hot pink, or red? Should we be daring and go multi-coloured? Am I a classic vanilla? There’s even one in marshmallow, and a leopard print!

But no, it was this stunning turquoise that caught my eye the most, and I waited for it to arrive with all the anticipation of Cinderella awaiting a ballgown.

Miss Francis pettiskirts are machine washable (just pop it in a pillowcase before washing), and so soft and swirly they are a dream to wear. All chiffon frills and satin bows, with a very forgiving elasticated waistband so I can wear it for Christmas dinner 😉 Although I am made to remove it before eating spaghetti, which gets me really narked. I would wear it permanently if I had my way!

Oh, by the way, isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? I’m so getting a baby so I can dress it in one of these. Muuuum…?

Adorable! Pettiskirt tutu for a baby!


Mummy has been trying to get Google Plus to give her an autoawesome (basically an animated gif that Google does for you – is there anything Google doesn’t do for you?)  for weeks now, with little success. It seems the tip is to act like a paparazzi and simply shoot as fast as possible, at least 4 photos – there are about 9 in this one. And how could you resist, with a skirt like this?

*Disclosure: we were given this beautiful skirt for the purposes of review. The skirts are available on the Miss Francis website, and retail from £29.99 for babies, and £39.99 for girls.

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