Wot so Funee? Funny quotes from a 6 year old

Wot So Funee?

Do you know what’s funny? As I sit here scheduling this post for Tuesday morning I get a DM from one of my regulars. Did she miss Wot so Funee? or did I not do one? What are you on about Mrs, Wot so Funee? goes out on Tuesdays. That’s tomorrow! Oh. No it’s not.

What’s funny is that I’ve spent all day today thinking it’s Monday, and now Wot so Funee? is stupidly late. Sorry. You can all have a good laugh at me, because I totally deserve it.


Mum is the Best - but she's a bit forgetful...

This week I’ve gathered together a bunch of The Bug’s quotes that have been festering in my drafts for a while. They didn’t seem good enough on their own, but actually I’ve just cracked up re-reading them, so I’m going to go for it.

Driving home from drama class he was telling me about the snacks they had for their last session of the year – call it a bit of a party. Apparently the crisps were all one flavour – salt and vinegar:

“Which is good because salt and vinegar is my flavour. Actually all flavours are my flavour. Except eel. And pants.” ???

My kids are in the habit of declaring “It’s a beautiful new day!” upon rising at the moment. Who turned them into such optimists I have no idea, but it’s kind of their thing. (They do at least know not to say it in my hearing before coffee). But signs are there that the cheeriness may be on the wane. As my six year old peered through the curtains recently, the proclamation came out just as brightly, but with slightly less buoyant vocab :

“It’s a vaguely average new day!”

At school, he’s a fan of maths. He tells me what he’s learned occasionally, and was especially excited to reveal to me that the word ‘odd’ has three different meanings. “Oh yes?” I enquire.

“Yes, there’s odd as in weird, odd as in a bit shifty, like people who carry guns, and odd as in an odd number.”

Right then, erm…

And finally, a great Wot so Funee? post is nothing without a bit of toilet humour. Eating some party cake in the car last week, up pipes a small voice from the back:

“It’s a good job that cake smells so strong because I just farted and nobody noticed.”

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7 thoughts on “Wot so Funee? Funny quotes from a 6 year old”

  1. hahaha Sorry that’s me the crazy regular waiting until just before bed to pop up and say where’s wot so funee I can’t function without it. hahahahaha That would have been good leaving us hanging there. I love it. But even funnier you were too right were your little ones one liners there. I love they are so optimist when they wake up. I think Buba and Mr P should take notes. They are scary when they wake, we tip toes around then until they come to being human again. Whereas Missy Moo and I bounce awake ready to go, go go. My favorite bit was the variations of odd! That’s hilarious. And so true! I think the list could even go on. hahaha Great wot so funee. Thanks for hosting. Sorry I took a day away from you this week! On the brighter side tomorrow being midweek it’s closer the weekend without you knowing. That’s always a bonus!

  2. Fantastic!
    I love the way children voice their gradual understanding of ‘life’.
    Sometimes so funny –
    other times so starkly logical too!!
    Emma ;-0

  3. Brilliant … calling someone who carries a gun as a ‘bit shifty’ – perhaps don’t pursue a career in law enforcement Bug!

  4. I should try to collate the funny things I hear. We often enjoy them then they slip away. I’ll try this week and then I can maybe join you next week. Think I like the cake one best, because I can imagine it being said in my house. x

  5. To be honest, eel and pants flavour crisps sounds marginally more edible than the taste sensation my 6 yr old son came up with the other day – he was sucking a hula hoop off his bogey encrusted finger and exclaimed how nice they tasted together. (Salty, chewy, carbohydratey, I mean, what’s there not to like …) x


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