Expressions #19

Expressions portrait photography

I knew if I took a break from Expressions for a couple of weeks I’d come back with something worth posting. Of course, it’s not difficult to take beautiful photos when you’re sitting around a pretty French harbour drinking the first Orangina of a family holiday. More on that another day, but this is my favourite shot of the holiday. I rarely get a totally natural shot of the Bug, given as he is to wild grins or teenaged glares when the camera appears. But this is him happy. We left that hat in this café, and he’s been sad about it ever since, daily asking when we can take a trip to Camden market to replace it – it has to be the exact same hat, the same Angry Bird.

I love this strong-minded boy.


8 thoughts on “Expressions #19”

  1. I can see pure happiness. What an adorable smile. I wish you can get another same hat. I had this when I was a kid. Someone stole (I use to live in that kind of neighborhood) my slippers and my mother bought me a better one. But I want the old one. I dont know how they found it but they did (i think) and I am a happy kid again =)

  2. I love this one Helen – like you say so natural, shots like this are hard to catch as before you know it it’s back to grinning and frowning in a blink of the eye!

  3. Aw hope you find the hat or get one exactly the same. Lovey smiley face, mine gives me stupid grins all the time so it’s nice when they actually do nice smiles like this x x


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