Easy Eco-Friendly School Swaps for Teens

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As every parent knows, equipping kids for school involves buying a vast array of items, which only increases when they hit their teenage years and start secondary school. The list of school supplies that you need to buy can seem endless. Purchasing all of this equipment may have left you feeling concerned about its impact on the environment, and you may be wondering how you can equip your teen with everything that they need without causing harm to the planet. Luckily, there are many helpful swaps that you can make to reduce the environmental impact of stocking up ready for school. Read on to discover some simple swaps that you can make to ensure that your teen’s school supplies are as green as possible.

Eco-Friendly Labels

Regardless of age, kids still seem to lose everything when they are at school; jumpers, socks; if it is possible to lose it, you can be sure that they will. Labelling absolutely every uniform item is the only way to ensure that your teen is reunited with their lost items. However, name labels may not always seem to be an environmentally friendly option. Antibacterial and Eco Friendly name tags make it easy to maintain your eco credentials while ensuring that your teen’s belongings are clearly labelled.

Stay Hydrated the Green Way

Most kids seem to get through a tonne of reusable plastic water bottles throughout their childhood. These plastic water bottles may be reusable but can crack and split if dropped and break over time through wear and tear. The plastic spouts can get particularly chewed and unattractive looking after a few uses. The other issue with plastic water bottles is that they can be tough to clean. Reusable plastic water bottles are better for the environment than their single-use relatives. But if you are serious about reducing plastic pollution, you may want to move away from the plastic variety. An excellent alternative is to choose a stainless steel water bottle that will withstand being jostled around in a rucksack surrounded by textbooks and inevitably being dropped from time to time. 

Plastic-Free Lunchtime

The issue of plastic pollution has gained lots of attention in recent years. The shocking images of bottles, straws, and packaging littering the oceans have demonstrated the sad reality of plastic pollution’s impact on the natural world. Finding ways to cut down the amount of single-use plastic they use has become a priority for many people. If you are looking to reduce the amount of plastic your family uses, then your teen’s lunch box is an excellent place to start. 

When it is time to shop for a lunch box for the new term, you could try swapping the usual plastic tub for an eco-friendly bamboo option. There are some cool bamboo lunch boxes available with loads of designs to choose from. For added eco-friendliness, you could swap your usual sandwich bags or clingfilm for beeswax wraps. These reusable wraps are antibacterial and will keep food fresh without creating unnecessary plastic waste.

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