Dress Your Age Mummy!

Mummy, I love you, goodness knows that I do. But be realistic. You are 44, not 24; some choices just aren’t you. The frilled bikinis, the all-in-one playsuits, the skorts (omg) – they are just not right. I know you were young, you say you were cool, but really, don’t go there, pleeeease?

Don’t get me wrong, you do have style. But the things you desire look better on me. Frills, lace, feathers, they’re chic. But make sure they’re my size – I can carry them off. I love your clothes, I want them for me . I can’t wait till I fit in your wedding dress – you promised, remember?

Do wear the classics, but don’t forget you. Who you were is still who you are, no matter your age. Just lengthen the hem; steer clear of straps. Colour, that’s you Mummy. And if you turn heads it’s all for the good. Straighten up tall and flash them a smile. Daddy’s raised eybrows? Ignore them – what does he know? Cause a reaction, that’s just what you do. And I, for one, like it.

So stick with it Mummy. You’re getting it right. The stuff you once wore – well it’s my turn now. By all means covet my skort, just leave it in my drawer. One day I may say: ‘it’s alright…. for you’, but for now you look great. Just the right side of hip. Sometimes it’s dangerously close, but don’t worry. If you start to get it wrong I’ll let you know 😉

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14 thoughts on “Dress Your Age Mummy!”

  1. I suffer from serious wardrobe envy looking at Chatty Baby’s beautiful clothes! Must remember to dress my age, but hate walking past a shop and telling myself I’m too old to shop there!

    • I know, I hate to admit those days are gone. And now I just have to live vicariously through my kids – she’ll hate me for that one day!

  2. But where to shop ladies? Where to shop? On a budget, fashion but not ‘high’ fashion and not another Boden clone! Hard isn’t it? Thanks Actually Mummy for reinforcing what we shouldn’t be wearing!

  3. I love this! Ah, If little P had her way I’d be in fairy wings and a ballet skirt all day long, but yes, when I wear a dress, as opposed to my usual ill fitting jeans and stained t, she always says I look beautiful, so yeah, maybe we should listen to them more!

    • Mummy came down recently all dolled up for a ball – yes, a proper ball, hair up and everything. She looked at me for a reaction, knowing I am the queen of dressing up and stealing the show, but the Bug gave the most surprising reaction. Breathlessly, he exclaimed ‘Mummy, you’re Cinderella!’. She would have cried, but he went on to counsel ‘Be home by midnight!’.

  4. Just saw you on Mari’s World video – love this post. Figuring out how to dress “appropriately” but not matronly is a big challenge. Especially since my 20something body has apparently gone to Ibiza and never returned.

  5. Great post…..although I have to admit that I probably dress a little more way out now than I did back when I was a teenager, but I was quiet and shy back then. As for the kids….my daughter is desperate to get her hands on my insane feather boa I have hanging my wardrobe and the other day I found her with one of my silk scarfs tied round her waste…. *sigh


  6. Excellent post. I have tamed my wardrobe down from when I was a teen and early 20s in a lot of lycra. Good god it would look awful now with all the lumps and bumps x

  7. Brilliant post! And right on the money too – I spend a lot of time worrying if I’m dressed appropriately for my age and various roles in life…

    Thank you so much for adding it to the Love Fashion Blogs showcase too!


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