I finished NaBloPoMo yesterday and went over to Twitter. I remembered how much I liked it. I tweeted a bit. People tweeted me back. Pretty soon I was loving it and stayed way longer than I intended. I linked up my final NaBlo….(oh I can’t even be bothered to type it any more) and for the first time this month I clicked on a link from another blogger rising to the challenge. For.The.First.Time. How rude! Here I am, blithely linking up my posts and not visiting anyone in return.

So apparently there is another ‘blog-a-post-a-day’ thingy starting in December. Well not for me. I am going back to twitter, enjoying the chat. But here is my December challenge: for every one of the 31 days of December I will visit a new blog. I will find blogs I have never been to, or heard of, or maybe have, but am not a regular, and I will read them. And comment if the will takes me. And write about it here.

Will I write a post a day? Not on your Nelly! But will I put a link to a blog I have discovered each day when I do post? Oh yes, you know it! I am gonna discover new blogs! *Does an excited little dance*.

If I do find you and link up, I will let you know (via my long-lost friend Twitter) and it would be lovely if you can come over and say hi. But you don’t have to. This is not a meme, and you are not obliged.

So today I have visited  Close to the Green who has written about how selfish her children are. Hellllloooo?! Children are selfish? Do you not understand how much rubbish and boredom we have to put up with whilst you Mummies chat, or clean, or chat, or cook, or chat, or wash, and all the other dull stuff you do? Give us kids a break already!! 😉

Yep, I broke the rule and I am not having a day off . What of it?? 😉 If anyone wants to give it a whirl I will be creating a badge so feel free to use it. There is no linky, just a commitment to finding new blogs – by which I mean new to you, not new-new (although they can be).

If anyone needs me I’ll be around somewhere, reading some blog I happened upon….

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