Blogging Charter in the light of NaBloPoMo

Michelle at Mummy from the Heart recently tagged Mummy to write a Blogging Charter. A Charter lays down some intentions, a set of rules if you like, around which you will go about your business, in this case, what readers should be able to expect of you. Now as some of you know, Mummy is particularly rubbish at responding to memes (soon to be rectified if you are still awaiting a response on Versatile, Leibster, About Me and 10 Questions!)

I have twisted her arm though, because as the chaos of NaBloPoMo comes to an end today, now seems like a good time to take stock, to think about what is important in this blog, and to declare a way forward. So here, with some help from Mummy, is my Blogging Charter:
I, GG from Actually Mummy… promise to:
 1. Write mostly about the things that happen in my life. The posts may be funny, they may be stressful, they may be upsetting, they may be boastful, or they may be boring (to you), but that is ok, because it is my blog. It was started to record the important (to us) incidents in our life that we will otherwise forget, and Mummy will do well to remember that. (We will try not to post an a burn dance of boring things though – we do like that you like us!)

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2. Not advertise or write about products or services which cannot be experienced by me or my brother. So that effectively rules out the furniture stores, discount bars and wedding insurance ads we have been offered (unless the blog continues for many more years!)

3. Welcome all comments. Whether you like my posts, or whether you have a different point of view to my own. You will never be made to feel chastised by posting an opposing view in my comment section. But don’t be rude.

4. Write well. I will never hit ‘Publish’ until I have written my post in the best way I can. I will not publish simply to fill a post requirement. If I am proud of my writing I will post it. If not, I will edit it until itis better, or trash it. (After day 30 of NaBloPoMo – that’s today!!)

5. Never publish blah comments on your posts. If I have something to say I will comment, and I will try to make it relevant. I will never systematically write the same thing on everyone’s meme posts in the hope of getting you to comment back.

6. Write for fun. If I am not enjoying it, it is not a day for writing. It is a day for making Mummy play with me and feed me something other than pizza 😉

Oh, and a bonus one: never blog whilst cooking – Mummy just set the wok on fire!

And without further ado, I declare NaBloPoMo well and truly finished! Tadahh!

I am going to tag Mammasaurus, Motherventing, and Boo And Me, because I know they will have strong opinions on this one. But they don’t have to do it and I won’t be upset! And if I haven’t tagged you and you do want to do it – hurray! I’ll see you around…

There will be no Wot So Funee? tomorrow because it is officially Blogger’s Day Off 😉

15 thoughts on “Blogging Charter in the light of NaBloPoMo”

  1. So impressed you did the entire month. Definitely deserve a day off, and maybe even some celebratory wine this evening?

  2. Well done on finished NaBloPoMo. It’s been exhausting hasn’t it? But feel proud of yourself that you managed it. I like your charter, I may even have a go at writing my own. Although I’m a bit concerned that once I write myself some rules that I won’t be able to stick to them. xx

  3. Ha ha great way to end the NaBloPoMo! I hope you enjoyed it, I did and tonight I have twitchy fingers and may have to post tomorrow afterall!! X

  4. Ohh superb, thanks for joining in!

    I love the fact you said you will have a day off and then schedule a post, remind me of me! ha ha

    Mich x


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