Creating an insta ready home office for teens and parents

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While there are many brilliant aspects about raising a teenager, it does pose several challenges too. In today’s digital age, building a suitable home office space is one that sits very near the top of your agenda.

The good news is that you will get a lot of use out of the room too. After all, it is the perfect outlet for days of working from home or organising your family admin. Either way, it’s imperative that you build a space that can be enjoyed by the whole household. When you do, it will become one of the best assets in the property. Here’s how to do it in style:

Keep it uncluttered

If you want the office space to serve its purpose, avoiding clutter is essential. Claustrophobic atmospheres will make it very difficult to concentrate or work. Teenagers are notoriously unorganised. So, the room will feel even untidier unless you put the right precautions in place.

The good news is that digital tech allows you to store most documents in the cloud. This paperless tech cuts down on paperwork that may need to be stored. If you have an alcove or other difficult space to work with, made to measure storage will work wonders. You’ll find it far easier to maintain the right atmosphere.

Choosing laptops and slimline graphic tablets can aid the cause further. Not least because it allows your teen to have their own devices.

Make it comfortable

In addition to feeling uncluttered, the home office must be inviting. Otherwise, you’ll continue to work from the living room sofa, where distractions are rife. A light colour scheme and natural lighting create a friendly vibe. Moreover, those features encourage increased energy levels for greater productivity.

It is also vital that the home office is blessed with good temperature control features. Meanwhile, luxury rugs from outlets like Rugstore NE can transform a hardwood floor. The soft materials will feel far nicer underfoot. It is a simple idea that can encourage you – or your teen – to spend more time in the office.

An ergonomic desk chair and a sofa or giant bean bag can pay dividends as you look to build a better home office space too.

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Make it functional

It’s great to build a welcoming home office that will encourage you to spend several hours in work mode. However, those aesthetic elements are only worthwhile if the room is functional too. For starters, then, you must ensure that it is served by a strong internet connection. Otherwise, the whole room becomes redundant.

A functional home office should also be blessed with the tools that are needed to succeed. For most school students, some desk space and stationery will be needed. It also makes sense to ensure that there is enough room for at least one friend. Group work is very common for teenagers and can make homework far more tolerable.

If possible, soundproofing or noise reduction facilities can be added to unlock even greater results. When the room isn’t fit for purpose, it won’t get used.

Add some entertainment features

They say that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. With this in mind, it makes sense to ensure that the home office serves the dual purpose of providing entertainment. A projector screen can be used to stream movies. It can be particularly useful for teens who want to watch a TV show that has violence or is not suitable for younger kids.

Another option is to build a great gaming setup in the home office. As long as you are strict enough to ensure that they get their work done too, it can be a great asset. Not least because it makes it easier for you to monitor their screen time compared to when they play games from their bedroom.

Besides, the entertainment systems like a home cinema can be enjoyed by you as a parent too. It’ll make the transformation feel far more modern.

Make it personal

While there are many benefits to be gained from a study space, tailored surroundings are a key feature. You can decorate the room with a few family photos or products linked to your passions like music or sports. By using the walls in this way, you can create added style without cluttering the home.

Alternatively, you can look at posters with inspirational quotes from Desenio or hanging up certificates and awards. Any updates to support your teenager’s extra needs or accessibility requirements should be made too. This is what will truly make the home office stand out as a place where your son or daughter can work.

A sense of belonging is vital in every room of the home. Keep this in mind when developing your home office and it should guide your decor choices in style.

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