How to look after your mental health as a parent of teens

Getting support for your mental health when you're parenting teens

Parenting is hard! Parenting teenagers can be even more challenging, and parents might need support with their mental health. Read about what support there is for parents struggling with their teenagers’ mental health.

Parenting teens: why it’s so lonely

Parenting teenagers can feel lonely. Here's how to cope

Parenting teens can be an isolating experience. As parents, we often feel alone in the ups and downs of parenting teenagers and it can be difficult to talk to other parents who are not going through the same challenges and emotions as us. In this blog post, I’ll look at why it can be so lonely to be a parent of teenagers and how to cope with the loneliness that sometimes comes with parenting teens. They’re not babies any more As parents, we are used to our kids needing us for everything – from nappy changes to homework support and …

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How to cope with teenage acne

Sarah talks about severe acne in teenagers, what helps, and how parents can support their teens with acne.

Is acne getting your teenager down? Sarah Wood – severe acne sufferer – joins me on this episode of the podcast to talk about her experience, and how she’s helped her own teenagers with severe acne.

Don’t write off “woo-woo” approaches to teen anxiety

EFT tapping for teen anxiety

EFT tapping for anxiety in teens. This article and podcast explains what tapping is, how it works and the benefits of tapping. Read a step by step guide to EFT tapping for beginners, and listen to a live session to see how tapping reduces anxiety instantly.

A very special 18th birthday gift for book lovers

What do you get a book lover for their 18th birthday? Here's the ultimate gift

What do you get for an 18 year old’s birthday that will be remembered forever? Well, if you have a book lover, this is the perfect gift. Check out what we did, and which books will delight your own bookworm

Should you worry when your teen starts dating?

When your teen starts dating it can be a difficult time as a parent as we second guess ourselves in relation to how involved we should get. Here are some of the red flags we should look for when we suspect our teenager is in a problematic relationship.

First jobs for teenagers – what to do and how to get the job!

A job in a restaurant or café is the perfect first job for teenagers

It can feel daunting trying to get your first job, so we’ve rounded up a list of the best first jobs for teenagers to give you some ideas. Plus, we give you handy hints and tips on how to get the job – from what to put on your CV to how to handle the interview.

Sleep tips for teenagers – how do you know if your teen has sleep problems?

Dr Chris Winter helps us understand what is normal sleep for teenagers, and gives his sleep tips for teens

In this episode of the Teenage Kicks podcast, ‘Sleep Whisperer’ Dr. Chris Winter talks to Helen about how to recognise sleep problems in teenagers, and what they need us to do to help them. Dr. Chris says that he’s seeing more and more incidences of sleep disturbance in his clinic, especially in teens and young adults. Listen to the podcast, and read on for some of his sleep tips for teenagers. Should I let my teenager sleep all day? As a parent, it can be difficult to understand why teens stay up so late and struggle to get up in …

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Single parenting – parenting teenagers alone and why it’s okay

The world is set up for dual parent families, says today’s podcast guest Sarah Thompson, who discovered all sorts of hurdles were placed in her way when she became a single mother. However, there is a silver lining; Sarah thinks children can benefit from divorce, and that includes teenagers with single mothers. However, there is a silver lining, and Sarah has written a compelling book about everything she thinks her children have benefited from since their parents’ separation. Listen to the podcast to find out why solo parenting can work out well even when you have teenagers. The world has …

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Don’t fear the empty nest

Why the empty nest might be better than you think

When your children leave home it’s natural to worry about how you’ll feel. This podcast offers tips for surviving the empty nest, and why it doesn’t have to be as hard as you imagine.

Growing up with a narcissistic parent – Teenage Kicks

How it feels growing up with a narcissistic parent, and how to recover

This important episode of the Teenage Kicks podcast deals with narcissism – specifically the experience of growing up with a narcissistic mother. We talk about how it feels as a child and teenager, and how to heal from being raised by a narcissist to break the cycle in your own family.

Sexting and suicidal: Teenagers in crisis

There’s this instinct when you’re the parent to protect, and then I realised I cannot protect her from this, this is her journey. *Please be aware that this post contains references to self-harm and suicide. When Brenda realised her 11 year old daughter Faith was sexting with an older boy she was shocked. Over the next few years Faith continued to send nudes on her phone and became suicidal, despite her parents’ best efforts to support and guide their daughter. Brenda says she eventually realised this: you can’t control your child’s behaviour, or their pain. Letting go of your own …

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16 Best things about parenting a teenager

I recently posted on Instagram about how sad I get when I see parents say they’re scared of the teenage years. I think it’s really common – I was too, from around the time when my first child reached the age of 7. Now, 10 years on, I’m sad to think that I lost time worrying about things that haven’t happened. I had an overwhelming response of relief to my post, so I asked people to tell me their best things about parenting a teenager. They can be really good company – they finally understand what the adults are talking …

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What to pack for Gap Year Travels

What to pack for gap year travels

Featured post by Chris Grint I recently spent 4 months of my gap year travelling through Central America, Thailand and Bali. Travelling was never something I had particularly thought about or hoped to do, however, I now feel that it was one of the best decisions of my life and I can’t recommend it enough.  The only thing that could have improved the experience for me was more advice on what to pack for gap year travels. I could have done with advice specific to the backpacker lifestyle, especially items you may need that you wouldn’t usually pack for a …

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15 Essential tips for Reading Festival with Type 1 Diabetes

How to survive Reading Festival with type 1 diabetes

Practical tips to help your teenager survive Reading Festival with Type 1 Diabetes – advice for setting up camp, dealing with medications and security, and staying safe. Putting parents minds at rest, and making sure teenagers enjoy their first festival.

Living with an almost adult

How it feels for mums living with an almost adult daughter

It can feel bittersweet when you notice that your child is almost an adult, but it serves a useful purpose.

Preventing teen suicide from bullying

suicide from bullying is preventable

What you need to know about teen suicide from bullying. Read Amanda Todd’s story, learn tips on how to stop bullying behaviour, and how to support a teenager who is being bullied. Plus a young adult novel about coping with bullying.

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