Do you believe in Santa?

Do you believe in Santa?

I remember peering down at the bottom of my bed through the dark, at the bulky, mis-shapen pillowcase I’d laid out the night before. I have no idea what the time was, but it was cold, so it was too early for the heating to have switched itself on. There was no going back to sleep though. Nothing could stop me from crawling down to the end of my bed and retrieving that sack full of magic. I don’t remember anything after that. The presents, the unwrapping, the consuming of goodies and playing with toys was never the biggest part of Christmas. It was that moment, all alone in the dark, when I realised that Father Christmas had indeed paid a small child a visit.

Advertorial post – we were gifted premium features at PNP North Pole 


A phone call from Santa

I have no idea when I stopped receiving visits from Santa, but I know that he stops coming when you’re no longer a child. So a child is what I resolved to be, every Christmas Eve until I left home. Now I have my own children, I remember that bubbly excitement, and the magic comes alive all over again. It began this morning, when each of my children received a phone call from Santa. The Bug answered his questions dutifully as Santa told him how happy he was to have received his Christmas letter. GG melted a little as he congratulated her on doing so well at a very tough time in her young life. The magic began right there.

Next week they will each receive an email with a video made by Santa and his elves, just for them. He knows what they both want, has a picture of it, and of them outside our house, just so they can be sure he knows where to come. He will inform them that they are on his nice list (although had they been naughty, Santa would offer encouragement and tips on how to move off the naughty list! He sends them a video every year, and the delight on their faces brings the magic alive for me too.

A video from Santa

Both my children are lucky enough to have our cast off mobile phones. So I know that the addition this year of an Apple and android app from Portable North Pole will see them replaying their videos again and again. The Bug will stop waking me each morning with the sounds of his Spotify playlist, and instead I will hear him talking to Santa.

PNP also offers the only Santa-approved mobile game on the market: PNP Santa Sprint. Free and fun for the whole family, players have to help Santa deliver gifts and battle snow storms across multiple levels. You can also unlock exclusive content and add more game levels through in-app purchases later on. I think Angry Gran may get a little neglected on her run over the next few weeks!

The basic video is free from Portable North Pole, but for a small cost you can upgrade to the premium video features above and get Santa to let on to exactly how much he knows about each child!  But the really good news is that readers of Actually Mummy can use this code to get 20% off all digital products. Simply head over to the site and enter BLG20BKP to get started. To spread even more holiday cheer, PNP distributes 5% of all online store sales among 40-plus Children’s Hospitals around the world.

I believe in Santa. Do you?

Disclosure: we were given free access to the premium features on PNP for the purposes of review. GG and the Bug are delighted with their phone calls and video!


7 thoughts on “Do you believe in Santa?”

  1. I do too! my big boy hasn’t wanted to visit him this year and was reluctant to write a letter but in th eend decided not to risk it and did!

  2. Of course I believe in Santa Claus. Santa still makes regular stops at our house, it doesn’t matter how old you are, just whether or not you believe. 🙂


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