1. The Sea: it is blue, not steely grey; it’s coolness is a delicious relief from the heat of the sun, not an exercise in endurance. The children are happy there, playing, laughing, bonding.
  2. The Rain: yes, even the rain in Barbados is lovely. Soft and warm, feeding the lush green of the island. A book and umbrella are all you need for a rainy day.
  3. The Light: stunning colours everywhere, and it’s all down to the vast expanse of blue skies. We haven’t had a holiday with this much sun and warmth in years. We needed it.
  4. The Food: tempura shrimp for the Bug every time we sit down in a restaurant. GG declared last night’s garlic potatoes ‘like clouds,’ and there is nothing like the barbecued fish. 

I would write more, but there’s a piña colada with my name on it.

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