Funny things kids say – The Bug aged 4

kids laughing

Funny things kids say Diary entry. GG. Age 6 1/4 I like to think that I speak rather well. From the moment of my first utterance Daddy has been priming me with the most elaborate and un-childlike words he can think of. Usually when he has nothing much else to do, such as when supervising the bath. Hence my ability to correctly enunciate the term ‘dermatologically formulated’ before the age of two. He believes it will make me sound more intelligent as I grow up, but the more usual reaction is fits of giggles from Mummy, or bemused stares from strangers. Obviously the Bug uses …

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Tooth Fairy Misadventures (part 1)

In addition to this blog, I am writing a nightly journal. My first entry attempts to encapsulate the first 6 years of my life succinctly, so that I can move on to the cataloguing of  present-day events. As you will see below, a certain mythical friend has taken on a significance of epic proportions in my opening statement The Tooth Fairy (or T.F. as she is known in our household) has become something of an infatuation recently. She has made 2 visits to our house this week already, and I am currently working hard on securing another nocturnal stopover from her. …

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‘Mummy, I accidentally ate an ice lolly….’  

A Mothers Day shopping list

My Mothers Day shopping list Mother’s Day is one of the most important days of the year – third only to Christmas and my own birthday. School has been prepping me for this happy day for several weeks now. Each afternoon has seen me returning home with an additional line under my belt to the celebratory song which begins ‘My Mum’s ever so special…’. I have had a home-made card in my book-bag for a good few days; the strain of keeping it hidden through the daily bag searches that Mummy performs has been almost unbearable. I have spent several nights unable …

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