"Week 15 of my Project 52"It has been a chilled out kind of holiday week. The weather has been kind enough, in parts, for us to spend time at the park (I have recently mastered the art of swinging, and can do it for hours); on the colder days we have sought the comfort of a sofa, a duvet, and tv food with friends. Mummy briefly escaped us for a London conference from Save the Children (more on that next week); and today, in between hailstorms, we cycled to a rather lovely pub for lunch, where I decimated a blossom tree in the name of floristry skill – a blade of grass for the ‘hand-tied’ look, and I had the perfect bridal bouquet for my Barbie doll.

The highlight of the week was our visit to the Cheetah Keeper and his sister, where we were allowed to completely ransack the house bake two varieties of cupcake and – and – decorate them. On our own. Relatively unsupervised. I say relatively, because Mummy attempted to intervene when our fingers went into the edible glitter, dancing around the table, nervously wondering how to control children not of her own making around a box of Maltesers. Luckily for us, she was brushed off (very nicely) by the Cheetah Keeper’s mum, who has absolutely no problem with sugar confetti and silver balls on the floor. “Nothing Mr Dyson can’t handle,” apparently. We kind of like her 😛

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