Yummy Dough

"Yummy Dough"Father Christmas never fails to bring something to displease Mummy. Last year it was Whoopee Cushions and Noisy Putty. This year, with the aid of Tired Mummy of Two‘s Christmas list, he brought Yummy Dough. Mummy muttered a square-word and hid it behind the craft (read Yellow Moon) box. Requests to use it were countered with the observation that we still had lots of Christmas chocolate to get through before baking activity could resume.

"Yummy dough Mix"We finally wore her down this week, and the innocuous-looking powder was duly mixed with water to create biscuit dough of such primary colours that just looking at them sent us bouncing off the ceilings. Next we spent a happy hour with our playdough cutters crafting every design you can imagine, including a rather scruffy effort for the Bug to give to his teacher. (My friends got perfect initial letters).

Did you know that without parental interference it is possible to make Moshi Monster biscuits with Yummy Dough? I made a classic Tiamo, whilst the Bug did Fumble – quite why he gave him a beard is rather puzzling though. Mummy, meanwhile, who can’t stand waste – even of the nasty e-number type – used up the leftovers creating the snail and some Valentine’s gifts (I think they’re for Daddy).

"Yummy Dough Biscuits"

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  1. Fantastic, I love the idea of yummy dough. Did it taste nice?

    Thanks for linking to Family Frolics – please come back, we love having you there! 🙂


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