Around the World in 80 Words

I am being lured into the world of linkys again, this time by SAHDandProud, who reckons we should all be able to write about our best or worst destination – in just 80 words. Here goes:

Blue ice-cream. Azzurro, like the sky. Never seen it before, but it tastes like holidays. A beach littered with cafes and stalls selling said Azzurro confection. Sea that never gets above my shoulders, perfect for making Mummy swing me round on my Tinkerbell lilo. Rockpools when I’m bored with that, trying to keep up with Daddy as we scoop urchins from hiding places into our bucket. Beach bars at sunset who serve mocktails to pretty girls in best dresses. Corsica.

80 words precociously precisely! Now you have a go…

10 thoughts on “Around the World in 80 Words”

  1. Booking tickets to go AS I TYPE! Thanks for taking part and you can always do more places/destinations if you feel the urge. 😉

  2. Corsica provided one of the best family holidays I’ve had. Empty pine-fringed beaches, ancient towns and NO tourists! Wish we had the money to go again. As it is, Sheerness here we come..!

    • Do! It is perfect for toddlers, and you can go outside school holidays, which makes it just about affordable. Sadly we haven’t been for a couple of years – hence it is top of my list!

  3. That’s where we spent our honeymoon, two years ago. It is my favourite place in the world. Beautifully, and colourfully captured.


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