By the Bug.

Wot So Funee?I’ve been tasked with practicing my writing recently. It’s not my favourite thing, but we’ve been waiting for it to ‘click’ for a while now, and so far it hasn’t. I have a summer birthday, which puts me at at disadvantage to the rest of my class in keeping up, so every now and then something becomes the focus and I get to work on it really hard. Oh joy.

If you’re in a similar position, may I suggest that you try to keep it short, sweet and frequent. Here are a couple of things you could try:

Writing Practice

1. Writing thank you notes – and addressing the envelope:

Get children to write thank you notes and address the envelopes to practice their writing

2. Adding to the shopping list:

Practicing writing by adding to the shopping list

So that’s what?

Get children to practice their writing by adding things to the shopping list

And again, what?

3. Taking a quiz – how else would you spell poetry? Makes perferct sense to me ๐Ÿ™‚

Quizzes are a good way of getting children to practice their writing

ย I’m getting there!

Wot So Funee?

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