Wot so Funee? The Who’s in my head game

Wot So Funee?On long car journeys we often play Who’s in my Head to pass the time. It’s like Who’s in the Bag (where you take it in turns to ask questions with Yes/No answers about a famous person). One of us thinks of a person we all know, then the rest ask questions until someone guesses. Usually it’s easy: if I’m in charge it’s almost always someone from One Direction, or Johnny Depp; with my brother it’s usually a Star Wars character; Mummy chooses the Queen or someone from Strictly; and Daddy – well, Daddy has a standard repertoire: Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney or some other hot girl singer half his age 🙄

Anyway, I was in the hotseat on Saturday night, and the Bug took over the questioning:

  • Do we know him?
  • Is it a male?
  • What’s a male?
  • How many questions do I have to guess?
  • How many have I done yet?
  • I don’t have any clues in my head and when I try to think of one it just flies out of my ears!
  • Is it in Star Wars?
  • Is it Michael McIntyre?

"Michael McIntyre"

I swear I have no idea what goes on in that boy’s head!

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9 thoughts on “Wot so Funee? The Who’s in my head game”

  1. Oh bless him!
    I did spot an omission – I’m sure there’s an ‘Annie’ missing somewhere between Rhianna and Britney on daddy’s list of top totties 😉

  2. Love his line of questioning – ‘how many questions do I have to guess’.
    I feel like that on a daily basis as my children ask me random questions!
    Michael McIntyre – of course – it’s always him, why not? xx

  3. Ha, gotta love the way their minds work! Also, if Michael MacIntyre turns up in the new Star Wars, you could have some sort of prophet on your hands there!


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