Wot so Funee? A new baby sister


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Ah, that got you, didn’t it? I can quite categorically reassure you that there is no sister on the cards, baby or otherwise, but a conversation with my daughter over the summer made me grin. We met some children to play with while we were on holiday in France. Each of the chosen friends had brothers and sisters, with varying degrees of likeability, according to age and interestws. We got to talking about whether GG and the Bug are enough for each other, or if things would be better with an extra sibling, of either variety. GG was very firm in her view:

GG: I want a little sister. She has to be younger than me.

Me: But you’d soon be annoyed by a baby sister coming in and out of your room, using your things.

GG: No I wouldn’t! I could put make-up and nail polish on her. And she’d like it! The Bug hates it when I do his hair and make-up!

No wonder they’ve been bickering a lot this holiday!

If your children are making you laugh, add your link and we’ll come and share.

15 thoughts on “Wot so Funee? A new baby sister”

  1. Ha ha! My tween HAS a baby sister and most of the time she drives her insane …. until one of her friends say they would love a baby sister, then she LOVES her baby sister.

  2. Ha ha, tell GG i had a little sister but she didn’t do any of those things. In fact I always wanted to have a brother instead. Perhaps she would swop?

  3. Ha ha this is so funny. Kids are bonkers. My Alice, who is 2 patted my tummy the other day and said “Mummy you have a large tummy…is there a baby in there?” I categorically assured her that, no, there definitely is not a baby in there!! 🙂

  4. Helen:
    I enjoyed browsing through your blog! My son always asks me for a little brother, but this machine is out of business for life–I have three kids, 2 girls and a boy. The first time he asked me for a brother i felt really sad and contemplated granting him his wish–that lasted 1 second. I am spent and done. He has a lot of friends and I make sure he has plenty of “play-dates”.


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