Trading Cards: Moshi MONSTER Meltdown!

Trading cards – what on earth are they all about? I have been begging M&D to let me get involved for some time now. I am desperate to log on to the computer game, but M&D say that whilst they are still paying for the Club Penguin membership there will be no new subscription-based online games. Finally, faced with a need to make me sleep more, Mummy invested in an incentive programme. Two weeks later I have the beginnings of a nice collection of cards.

Twice so far I have had a complete temper meltdown. First I left my carefully ‘fabulasticked’ pack somewhere at school. I did really well for the first few days, swapping cards on the premise that the recipients would reciprocate. So far only one person has remembered that they owe me.

I duly earned another pack, which I misplaced somewhere at home. The result? My distress drove me to get bossy and mean with the Bug. Mummy felt the need to have a word about my anger issues; we came up with a plan to ensure the whereabouts of my cards at all times – whether or not I stick to it is anyone’s guess. At the moment my cards are languishing somewhere in the kitchen. Do I have any idea where? Not really….

Mummy wants to know, do we continue with this or not? On the one hand, for 75p she gets a week of pretty good nights. On the other, a whole new can of worms is opened up – one where temper tantrums may erupt at the mere suggestion of a missing card. Is this a good lesson for me in the art of caring for things which matter to me, or is it just another rule I am not yet ready to follow?



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