Destablilised: Riding a Bike Grown-Up Style

I did it! Six and a half years in, two and a half since my ‘bicycle birthday’ I finally wobbled my way to independence! There have been many slanging matches along the way, several threats to give my bike to the charity shop, and numerous months when my wheels lay quietly at the back of the garage, waiting for me to be ready.

Well suddenly, this week, I was ready. Setbacks that would have previously seen me screaming with uncontrollable delusions of failure caused a mere shrug and a hop back into the saddle. Fruit pastilles magnified the motivation levels considerably, but essentially it was my time. By day 2 I was batting Mummy’s hands off the handlebars and irritably telling her to ‘let go, will you!’. Day 3 saw me setting off without her and demanding my treats after my second lap.

M&D watched me go with a mixture of pride and regret.  I can do stuff on my own. I am on my way. Yes, fruit pastilles help, but this is just the beginning…

5 thoughts on “Destablilised: Riding a Bike Grown-Up Style”

  1. Yay! It’s a good feeling and sounds like there’s no going back for her. What would we do without sweets as incentives?!


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