As my writing becomes more legible, the #funee moments have become less frequent. However, I have great news, all ye who like to laugh at your kids (it’s outrageously bad form, but we don’t seem able to stop you, so we may as well take some control over the situation)! My brother, the Bug, is beginning to take over the reins. A reluctant writer, he has discovered that there is an advantage to an occasional flourish of the pen.

Who knew, for instance, that being asked to write on the shopping list could be so lucrative? The Bug complained last week that there was very little cereal choice in the breakfast cupboard. So he was told to add what he wanted to the shopping list, and it would magically appear.

Things children want

So far so cute. But when she asked me to add eggs to the list a couple of days later, I decided the time had come to let my little brother in on the real benefit of contributing to the shopping list. A covert snigger or two later, this is how the new list looked:

Things children want - added to my shopping list!

So then, that’s a present for the kids, and 100 Skylanders added to this week’s Sainsbury delivery…

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